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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Soaked to the skin

4th September 2011
The only thing I'm scared of is dying because I'm so happy I don't ever want to die. Stacey Solomon

Well that’s what I call rain, I’ve been soaked through twice this morning, once walking Alfie, then once running, and today’s the Wolverhampton Marathon so I hope the rain doesn’t get too heavy for them.  I had a very relaxed day yesterday which I needed because I was so tired when I got up, much more refreshed this morning.

I found myself using a few dirty words this morning before I went out for my run, now I know the words you’re assuming I was using, those ones I’ve had to not say all summer when we were out with the kids, but they’re not the ones I mean because to me I don’t find those words offensive to be honest.  My dirty word list is much worse.  This is it;

1.    Should: This word is laced with shame and guilt. When we use should in reference to the past, it’s in an effort to change that which can’t be changed. When we use should in reference to the future, it’s full of hopelessness, tension and despair. Replace should with want; instead of saying, “I should lose weight,” say, “I want to and will lose weight.”
2.    Never: How can we possibly know what 5, 10 or 50 years might bring? We’re constantly growing and evolving, and so to rule out anything seems arrogant and premature.  Four weeks ago, I thought I’d NEVER be able to run for 15 minutes without stopping!
3.    Try: Either do something or don’t. To try to do something evokes weakness, helplessness and hopelessness. If you express that you’ll try to be more positive, for example, you’ve already cast doubt on your commitment. Just do it.  Add a bit of UMPH to the word and TryUmph instead ;)
4.    Can’t: The only limitations that are real are the ones that we believe. If you say that you can’t do something, then you probably won’t.
5.    Certain: If you don’t doubt your beliefs and question your reality, you’re probably going to be wrong about a lot of things. Let your views grow and evolve; this isn’t a sign of weakness (though it’s often perceived as such) – it’s a sign of strength.
6.    Problem: Problems are just opportunities and lessons in disguise. And the bigger a problem seems, the more we have to learn from it.

So there’s your Sunday Sermon, enjoy your day regardless of the weather.

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