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Friday, 30 September 2011

Before you chow down on a chow mein - check the ProPoints

September 30th 2011

It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Andre Gide

A great day yesterday, I got my 100th gold member and I was thrilled because it was Ruth, she’s been struggling with those last few pounds for a few weeks now so it was lovely to see an ardent Weight Watcher member get her goal at last.  Ann last night also got her 50lb certificate, she’s been at goal for a year now but just wanted to get a few more pounds off.  I’ve really enjoyed my meeting this week, we’ve had a good giggle and one of my new members really made me feel good yesterday when she said it was the first time she’d ever felt comfortable and at ease in a meeting, I hope all my members do, but it sure is nice to hear it.  Speaking of which subtle hint if you’ve had the new Weight Watcher magazine check out the bottom of page 130 ;-)

So I had another good day yesterday, alcohol free too, I did make a classic Weight Watcher error though, one I tell you all not to do – I got on the scales and I’d gained a pound since Monday – gutted would be an understatement, all my helpers and some of my members were telling me all the things I tell them and even though I knew they were all true – it really doesn’t make you feel better does it, so please, please, please for the sake of your sanity – STAY OFF THE SCALES other than at your meeting.  I know I’m sticking to the plan so the weight will come off.

I fancied a Chinese takeaway, and after discussing the eating out guide portion sizes, I decided to do some research for you all ;D so on my way home I stopped to get one, when I got home I weighed it and the portion was 550g, now that’s a lot.  So I worked out roughly what that would be bearing in mind the ingredients used and I reckon 18pp for the tub because really there’s enough in that tub to serve 2 people – we just have very, very healthy appetites.  If you are just having that, then 18pp isn’t that bad, but if you’re having spring roll and anything else, then half should be plenty. 

This is what the tub looked like, it's like a jack in the box, jumps out when you take the lid off!

This is what it looked like on the plate, it's a lot of food.  There has to be 300g cooked noodles on that plate which is definitely 2 portions.

Here’s how my day ended

ProPoints™ Tracker entries Thursday, September 29, 2011

ham, tomato, soft cheese toastie
Crab & phili linguine
mixed veggies included sweetcorn
chow mein – Chinese takeaway (ate ¾ )
spring roll – Chinese takeaway
Any Time
1 serving(s) Milk, Skimmed
1 medium Banana
1 square(s) Chocolate, Milk
Food ProPoints values total used
Food ProPoints values remaining
Pedometer - Activity I created
Activity ProPoints values earned
Check off these important items daily:
Liquids - 8
Milk & Dairy - 1
Fruit & Vegetables - 7
Healthy Oil

I’ve still got 20 weeklies left and 42 activity ProPoints for if I need them, I’m doing that sponsored cycle on Sunday so won’t be drinking much this weekend either as I’ve got to drive to Manchester.
So I’m off running again this morning with my mate because we have our lunch and we’re being good this morning and eating at mine so I can ProPoint it although we were planning on sausage and gravy in large Yorkshire but I don’t think it’s gonna be the weather!  We’ll see, we can decided as we run, heck I’ve got 42 activity that will be 50 after the run, we can have anything ;D

So it Friday and the weekend is here, hope you’re going to be able to really enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your day, I’m gonna get my paperwork done so I can walk Alfie and fit everything else into my day, I’ve got dentist and vets today, obviously the latter is for Alfie ;D

Bye. xx

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Unknown said...

Its nice to have someone clarify about the chow mein in eating out guide as ww isnt very good with it and makes it very hard. I normally say 18 for whole of a vegetable one as eat about 2/3 and have rest next day its very filling!