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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Food glorious food, I luvs it...

6th September 2011

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.  Audrey Hepburn

So I had a really healthy food day yesterday, started with oats, natural yogurt, banana and maple syrup for 7pp and it was tasty. For lunch I had a potato dish from the new one pot cook books which was very nice, I used bacon medallions and full fat cheese (11pp total per serving) in it rather than turkey rashers and low fat cheese as that's my preference. I love that as long as you know the ProPoints you can adapt any recipe. And for my evening meal I indulged in ciabata garlic bread with a bit of houmous (15pp) , I was going to have it with salad leaves but the ones I like are £1.50 a bag and that seems a bit ridiculous for something I’d eat in one sitting that isn’t really filling so I put them back on the shelf.   My meals were tasty and filling and all within my allowance, especially as I’d earned 8pp on my pedometer. I also drank plenty of water, steering clear of fizzy pop from now on after what I read in that magazine (contain phosphates which can leach calcium from the bones so it may be worth cutting them out because we need calcium to keep our bones healthy and strong especially as we age.)

The scales weren't smiling at me this week, 3lb back on but now the six weeks holidays done hopefully we can a get down to business. Its 15 weeks till Christmas so a stone is possible for everyone - I need to lose 9lb to get back to goal and if I stop impersonating a human diet yoyo then I can do it. I'm hoping as my running time improves and I build up, that will help me too.

I'm focusing on 'healthy' after reading that running magazine at the weekend, so I've been looking at meals that are full of the ‘green highlighted foods’ and will give me energy hence the reason I had oats for my breakfast yesterday. I cut all the fat off the bacon I used for my potato dish too. I like having more energy to do the things I enjoy, so if that means tweaking my eating then so be it.   This weeks YOUR WEEK magazine also has an article in about nutrition goals which is worth a read, I think we overlook the good health guidelines sometimes.

Today I'm having Moroccan chicken and couscous (15pp), I have a fridge full of food I'd already bought, luckily it's not too high in ProPoints so it's ok, I treated myself to a couple of meal deals from Waitrose last Friday and I'm quite impressed at the PP for such rich meals, mmm roll on lunchtime, there’s also a spinach and ricotta pasta dish which is about 13pp I think so with lots of veggies I can have that tomorrow.  Then for Thursday I plan to make a huge chicken casserole with a pile of chicken pieces I bought in Co-op reduced – I love a bargain, and you don’t get no cheaper than potatoes, carrots and onions. 

Aldi looks like it may be worth a visit for veggies this week, they have a lot for 69p, I’m also going to pop over to the hollybush nursery where there’s a store, or I might pop to a greengrocers there’s one in Wednesfield village, just to see if they’re cheaper than the supermarket.  And I must stop buying TOO MUCH food, because then it has to be eaten!  So I may start shopping more often but buy less, I enjoy walking round supermarkets but end up buying too much ;D  Maybe I need to buy a big freezer but then I’d end up with even more food I can’t eat.  I don’t know most people have a ‘to do’ list, I have a ‘to eat’ list.  I do enjoy making that list though it has to be said.

Well it looks like I’m walking Alfie in the rain, at least today isn’t one of my running days as well. 

Have a healthy & happy day xx

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