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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Keep on tracking...

28th September 2011

Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground.

Day two complete and on track, using more than my daily allowance, but that’s what the weeklies and activity ProPoints are for so it’s ok, plus it’s helping me get back into it.  I still need more fruit and vegetables, I’m not hitting them because of the types of meals I’m eating, I need to have one of my frozen vegetable curry’s today I think to give me some of them.  I’ve also started getting heartburn so will be cutting out the cups of tea and the lager at weekends as I don’t think either help.

ProPoints™ Tracker entries Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 medium Banana
2 small slices of toast
1 teaspoons Syrup, Any Type
2 Crumpets, Love to Toast
2 soft boiled eggs
salad leaves & tomato
100 g Smoked Salmon
2  Warburton Sandwich Thins
1 tablespoons Philadelphia Light
salad leaves & tomato
Any Time
1 medium Apple
wine - Quick-added food
half slice banana bread –made by luvly WW member ;-)
Weight Watcher bakes
1 serving(s) Skimmed Milk, for cups of tea
Food ProPoints values total used
Food ProPoints values remaining
pedometer - Activity I created
Activity ProPoints values earned
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Dairy
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oil

Great day yesterday, another two members to goal, making my total for the year 99, I wonder who will be my 100th goal member of 2011, it’s so lovely when my members get to their goals, so to be able to help so many is just fantastic.

At the opposite end of the scale, it’s horrid when a member gets on the scales expecting a loss and don’t get it, seriously IT SUCKS!  So what do you say to someone who knows they’ve followed the plan and stuck to it, or believes they have?  Sometimes it’s very difficult to say anything that’s going to make a difference, heck I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels to be expecting to be smiling and for your heart to sink into the pit of your stomach, it actually feels as heavy as the pound you’ve just gained!  Why does this happen?  Who knows, lots of things could be the cause or it could just be one of those unexplainable things.  If it’s coming up to that time of month or it is that time then that could be the cause, you could be ProPointing incorrectly (underestimating or overestimating are both bad) or not tracking everything, if you’ve started exercising that seems to slow down weight loss initially but not long term, when it kicks in, it kicks in good.  Everyone’s body is different, however if you stick to the plan and follow it correctly, the weight will come off.  If you’re being very active remember you’re body needs good sources of fuel to cope with it, that’s why I’m experimenting with my breakfast because I know I need energy to be able to run for 40 minutes, especially if I hope to get that up to 60 minute eventually.  Here are some guidelines if you didn’t lose this week and you’d like to be fit, healthy and enjoy the journey;

·         Are you eating your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day?
·         Do you drink 2 litres of water a day?
·         Enjoy your daily allowance; you’ll only lose them if you don’t.
·         You have your weekly allowance for those little extras, so don’t deprive yourself.
·         Vary the meals that you eat, otherwise not only will you get bored but your body will get used to what you’re feeding it.
·         Try not to use too many points on junk or processed food, that’s not just cake and biscuits, but burgers, sausages etc. 
·         Consider using low calorie/low fat alternatives like low fat cooking spray, low fat cheese and diet drinks if you think they will help you.
·         Calcium – you can get your daily requirements from a pint of skimmed milk.
·         Cut down on saturated fat – cut off excess fat and skin from meat, eat more oily fish (mackerel, tuna, trout & salmon) 
·         Ready meals are convenient but you will get more from cooking your own meals from scratch.
·         Portion sizes – be realistic (a whole cooked chicken is not a portion!) 
·         Weigh your food it really makes a difference.  A HUGE DIFFERENCE – I couldn’t live without my scales because my eyes are bigger than my ProPoints allowance :D
·         Get a bit of exercise, walk round the block after your evening meal.
·         Alcohol – try not to go over the recommended guideless each week.  This is the one I’m working on ;D

We had some fabulous weight losses last night, Monday morning I had a new member who lost a stone in his first week, that’s exceptional of course and very few people would lose that, so remember you’re aiming for up to 2lb a week and anything more is a bonus.  I’m aiming for 1lb next Monday (o yes I’ve gone back to Monday morning weighing, it’s better for me, so this Monday I was exactly 11st).

Hopefully we’ll get another glorious day today and I’ll get to fit in a run on the chase again, I may as well make the most of it whilst its here, I’ll be running round the block enough over the winter months, if we get the snow we had last year I may have to consider a short term gym membership ;( I’d rather not though.  I’m still struggling with the fact I’m enjoying this running lark, one of my returning members last night reminded me I was the one who said, “only dogs and horses run”, she’s right I was and it just shows that we can change our minds about anything! 

Have a tremendous on track day. xx

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