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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A little bit of ginger mmm

13th September 2011
Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it.

I had a day of leftovers yesterday, the stewed steak we’d had Sunday did lunch with bubble and squeak, and tea for me too, so although a little repetitive it was tasty and fast.  I did have the most amazing yogurt though (now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever type), Rachel's Organic Range Luxury Greek Style Bio Live Yogurt with Ginger, oh my tasty or what, just a subtle smooth taste of ginger, I enjoyed 100g (4pp) with pineapple pieces for a delicious dessert and may be tempted to have more for breakfast.
I’m going to roast my chicken today I’ve decided, with roast potatoes and peppers round the side, that way I can throw any leftovers in curry sauce and have two different meals instead of the same thing twice. 

Yesterday morning I wasn’t quite with it, don’t know why but I wasn’t concentrating properly, my Monday morning members made it better but I was still a little out of sorts when I got home, so I pulled on my trainers and went out for a run to clear my head or to fill it with different thoughts anyway, and it did me the world of good.  I may not be running far and it may have only been two ten minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between and a 5 minute warm up and cool down, but it really helped me to process some stuff and it makes me think if I can start running I can do anything.  Running for me has always given me a mental block, it’s something I’ve always believed I couldn’t do, especially with my back and joint problems, so to be doing it, maybe not with much finesse or grace but to actually be doing it feels great (afterwards it does anyways :D)  I’m working on a playlist of songs that help me run, so hopefully tomorrow when I do my first 25 minute run without stopping, I’ll be able to complete it, I can’t believe I’ve been following this running programme for 6 weeks now. 
Seeing that I’ve been able to stick to the running programme for 6 weeks has made me realise I can stay on track too, I want to be back at my goal for when I go to New York and I know if I stop messing about I can be, I just need to keep reminding me of that fact.  I enjoyed my yogurt last night which is something I wouldn’t normally eat, I’d usually opt for a glass of wine, however I’ve also realised that when I indulge in the red stuff the effort of running is much more difficult so I need to drink less of that too as it’s obviously having an effect on my body!  I’d managed to earn 10pp on my pedometer last night, by the end of the day I’d covered over ten miles walking Alfie (and we weren’t out long as he’s not too well), running for the half hour and just my general day to day stuff.

Yes I’m on a mission, to get to goal, it’s only 9lb but it’s the hardest 9lb I’ve ever tried to lose, I lose a bit, gain a bit, lose a bit, gain a bit – well no more, it’s coming off, I’m well aware of the fact it’ll go on when I get to New York but at least it’ll be the 9lb I’m used to already and not an additional 9lb, then with Christmas right on it’s tail I don’t want to be causing any more damage, so yep I’m on track and have been 100% since last Thursday , a loss of a pound a week will do just nicely thank you.  I hope you’re all thinking of the reasons you want to lose!
And you may be sat there thinking, ‘I can’t run’ or ‘I’m not running’ and that’s fine you don’t have to, running is the challenge I’ve chosen because I’ve always been a walker and I used to cycle a lot too, so running was the choice for me, you however could choose something else, ‘walking’ is a fantastic exercise and something you can do with your mate, just because the temperature has dropped and the nights drawing in, doesn’t mean you can’t still get out, just be safe.  There’s a great walking programme in the Weight Watcher 12 week track books that you can get in the meeting.

Ooo look at the time, I better get a wriggle on, didn’t realise because it’s still dark outside, I got up at 5am and looked out the window and there’s a fox walking down the street brazen as anything!  Okay I’m off, have a tremendous Tuesday and find your reason to stay on track.


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