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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Go Donna xx

14th September 2011
The mind is just another muscle. Ted Turner
It’s been a long night, well for me anyway, not sure why, I did go to bed early – just before nine and I feel like I’ve been there a very long time, got up at five.  I think it was because Alfie was restless, he’s not 100%, something scratched his eye on Sunday when we were out walking and it’s gotten all infected so he’s in a bit of discomfort, the vet’s sorted him out with some cream though so hopefully he’ll be ok soon.  I thought it would mean a short walk yesterday morning but no, as soon as we were out the door he transformed into robodog and away we went.
Today’s the last day of my Weight Watcher week and my running ProPoints total is minus 6, so I need to earn 6 activity ProPoints today which I should do as it’s a run day, I hope/plan to do my first 25 minute none stop run today, I’ve even prepared by eating plenty of filling and healthy foods, and I’ve not had my usual glass of vino for a couple of days, I want to see if it makes a difference.
Yesterday was a fabulous day for me, two more members to goal and a 50lb certificate awarded, Donna who joined in 13th April 2010 with her sister-in-law continued coming to my meetings even though she lives in Birmingham and last night after spending the last 6 weeks or more struggling with that last 2 or 3 pounds she achieved her goal, a staggering 83lb (that’s 1lb shy of 6 stone), what an inspiration, she’s happy for you to know when she stood on those scales she weighed 10st 4lb, which made both of us smiles because when she joined 17 months ago, she weighed 16st 3lb, truly sensational, I think you’ll agree.
Karen got her 50lb certificate too and she’s looking sensational, and Maria was thrilled to get her goal on the morning too, what’s fabulous is both Maria and Donna are off on holiday this weekend so they get to flaunt their new figures and return to meetings for free to get that little holiday gain back off on their return.
Yes yesterday was a very good day, I’d also had a really good belly laugh with my mom and lots of giggles with the girls via facebook and I think you’ll all agree, laughing makes you feel good, it certainly makes you feel better than over eating and getting heartburn or indigestion.  I’m going to treat myself to some more comedy dvd’s as I haven’t watched one for a while and I do like a good giggle.
I’ve got some eggs that need using up, so I’m thinking a huge omelette or frittata for lunch or maybe hard boiled eggs smashed in light mayo with bacon mmm, yeah liking that last one I think the most.  Although I’ve just had a quick look in the Weight Watchers recipe bank on esource and there are lots of ideas so I’ll have a look later.
I’ve just eaten a fruit & nut style bar for my breakfast, it has cashews & dates and nothing else in it, cost me 4pp and although it was easy and quick to eat I wasn’t struck so don’t think I’ll be eating it again, not unless I run better and easier than I’ve ever done before, then it would be a worthwhile sacrifice ;D
Hope your day was as good as mine yesterday, if it wasn’t ask yourself what needs to happen to improve today, don’t get me wrong not everything was wonderful yesterday, but I prefer to put the yucky stuff out of my mind, it’s not worth my head space, and the bad stuff ain’t worth your head space either. Xx
Have a wickedly wonderful Wednesday. xx

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