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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Big breakfast next...

24th September 2011 The only competition worthy of a wiseman is with himself. Washington Allston.   I had the most relaxing day yesterday my mate picked me up just before 10 and from the till we went to sleep at 10pm we chilled out, forgot about real life and giggled a lot.   This morning we have run 40 minutes along the canal path so I'm rather pleased with myself. That's the first time I've run with someone else and it was good because she set the pace, apparently I find the first ten minutes so difficult because I start off too fast (probably because I want it over as soon as possible!) I also speed up when I hit a hill when I should slow down - again probably because I want it over with.   That's very similar to some of us when we start dieting, we start off full on, change everything overnight and that's why after the first couple of weeks we start struggling because we haven't given our brains or bodies chance to get used to these new ways, so we rebel. I learn everyday and I think everyone can if only we look and listen to what's going on around us.   Today I've learned that not only do I need to approach my running differently, I also need to tweak my diet slowly because over the last couple of months I've been having a really good week then having a rubbish week so if I can lose the all or nothing approach then not only will I be able to run further I'll also lose weight and keep it off.  That said we've got a hotel breakfast calling, so I'll start tomorrow ;-) Enjoy your weekend.  

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