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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ostrich but no sign of feathers

10th September 2011

Don't give up at half time. Concentrate on winning the second half.   Coach Paul Bear Bryant  
Yay it’s the weekend ;D I had a lovely ‘child-free’ lunch with my girls yesterday, we had a good giggle and caught up and it was great.  We all resisted dessert too just like we’d planned and I could be all self righteous and tell you how I resisted chips but I'd be a fraud. I did manage to resist them but only because I hadn't seen how good they looked when I ordered, if I had I'd have caved because they looked divine.  Hey ho I didn't so we are most definitely going back to the Malt Shovel at Chorley another day for beer battered cod and chips - it's going on my ‘to eat’ list.  I ordered Ostrich in a berry sauce with jacket potato (no butter) and a side salad because the veg option was peas and they would have been a waste of ProPoints ;D how sad is that!  My day ended on 46pp but that still leaves me with 21 weeklies and all my activities, which were 6 yesterday, and 4 on Thursday, so Alfie can have a super long walk today need to earn more.
I’ve just found out Adele has postponed her concert on Sunday night at the Civic which means I have a totally free weekend – I’m so pleased as the past 6 weeks have been so packed with doing that not doing sounds very appealing.  I plan to spend this morning in my office doing notes and tidying up, then I’m going to make stewed steak (Princes 11pp the tin) with fried mushrooms & onions gravy, served in a giant Yorkshire pudding (7pp Co-ops own), mash and green cabbage for my dinner, I’ve been planning that since Thursday, it was on the top of my ‘to eat’ list and stopped me ordering steak and ale pie yesterday at the pub.

I’ll probably do some cooking tomorrow too as I have a couple of frozen chickens, time to get the cook books out I think.  I find it much easier to lose weight when the weathers colder because I can make hotpots, stews, casseroles and soups.  My favourite really is so easy to make, chicken portions, carrots and onions in a roasting dish, topped with sliced potatoes and stock made with oxo cubes, I just love it and it turns out looking like this;

Anyway I’ve gotta go walk Alfie, he’s driving me mad, however you spend your day, enjoy it. xx

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