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Friday, 16 September 2011

I've been running with Eminem this morning ;~!

16th September 2011

Aim for the stars, even if you fall you’ll land on a cloud (Kanye West)
Whoop, Whoop, Whoop I did it, ran 30 minutes none stop and still felt good at the end, I did have a glass of wine too last night, so moderation is the key I think.  My secret weapon today was my new running partner, his names Eminem ;D his music definitely helped keep my mind busy, he is a lyrical genius.  If anyone’s remotely interested and I’m not boring you to death with my new love of running (it’s all about earning the extra ProPoints for eating folks) then this is the playlist I ran too;

Jai Ho – Pussy Cat Dolls
Untitled – Eminem (recovery album)
Homecoming – Kanye West
Lose yourself - Eminem
W-T-P- Eminem
25 to life - Eminem
Almost famous - Eminem
No love - Eminem
Sing for the moment - Eminem

Yay, it’s Friday, I’ve got a few hours work, then lunch with my mate at a posh place over Derby followed by an area meeting this evening so I am still working but that’s ok cos I get to see my mates at the area meetings so it’s all good.  I also get to see my favourite little people today when we pick them up from school before our meeting, I’m thinking a trip to MacDonalds but obviously I’ll just have diet coke as we’ll already have eaten lunch but I can buy another Smurf!
I lost on the scales to yesterday a pound and a half, so I’m back to where I think I was the last time my boss weighed me, at least it shows I’ve got maintenance nailed!  Joking aside I can maintain goal plus 6/7lb really easily, losing that half stone is not so easy and now I’ve started running I can really see I’m starting to tone up which is fab and if I can be toned and plus 6, I’m not going to complain, still would like a few pounds off before my New York trip, I want to enjoy those doughnuts!

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed by all the paperwork I had on my desk, so I disconnected from the world and just got on with it, it did mean my diet wasn’t well thought through yesterday though, I just went for the obvious ‘sandwiches’ which don’t satisfy me physically or emotionally if I’m honest so I ended up with a Microwave chicken biryani from Sainsbury’s for my tea and I have to own up I haven’t even ProPointed it, I might though because it was quite tasty, would like it again :D
No I’m having a no ProPointing day today too and if that means I don’t lose next week, I’ll live with the consequences, as we’ve said in the meeting this week, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “I’m going out for a meal this weekend, what can I eat?” My answer will always be, “Anything  you want as long as you have the ProPoints to cover it or you’re not bothered about gaining weight next week!”

Obviously if you do want a weight loss then you need to do your homework, use your eat out guide or guestimate well when the meal arrives.   Everyone at Weight Watchers gets the 49pp weekly allowance but you can only spend them once, and they don’t automatically cover anything you eat once you sit down in a restaurant.
Well I better get my work done, I’m so fortunate, I love my life, I even enjoy the paperwork in a random weirdy way, I don’t like rushing though, so I’m off. Xx

Have  a fabulous Friday. xx

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