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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ready for lunch & haven't had breakfast yet...

29th September 2011

The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing. Walt Disney
Well I’m probably starting to sound boring but I went running again over Cannock chaser yesterday afternoon and I managed 4 miles none stop, took me 47 minutes and I was chuffed to bits, I was also very sweaty because it was absolutely scorching hot, I intend to make the most of these last few days of sunshine, I’m actually loving it, it’s really hard but very satisfying (earned 8pp too), and running on the chase is just beautiful, if you’re not doing anything this weekend, go and have a walk along Sherbrook Valley, it’s glorious and you’ll earn some Activity ProPoints. And if you need more than earning ProPoints to get you out in the fresh air, research has shown that exercising in a natural green environment such as woodland or parks can dramatically improve your quality of life!  Research at the University of Essex shows that three out of four people feel less depressed, tense and angry after green exercise, two out of three feel in a better mood; and two thirds report a higher level of self-esteem.  Sounds good enough reason to me, it’s even been proven that as little as five minutes of exercise in a green space can have a positive impact on your mood.
Had an excellent day yesterday tracking wise, I managed to resist temptation, even though I felt ravenous after my run, I managed to choose wisely, I opted for a really good energy breakfast to help me run and then a filling and healthy lunch, I also defrosted the soup so that it would fill me up after my meetings, I easily ate more than my five a day yesterday and no sign of heartburn either, so cutting out the tea helped.

I’m thinking something with Philidelphia light today as I have a fridge full which I bought when it was on offer!  Yeah a linguine dish I think with peas and ham or maybe crabmeat, mmm nice, roll on lunch time. That’s lunch sorted maybe just beans on toast for tea for quickness.

ProPoints™ Tracker entries Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 individual Brazil Nuts
6 whole Almonds
1 tablespoons California Raisins
3 individual Apricots, Dried
1 medium Banana
Home made chicken, potato, cauliflower & spinach  curry
Home made courgette & potato soup
Beef & salad Warbuton thins
Any Time
half slice banana bread
1 bottle(s) Yazoo Chocolate Flavour Milkshake
2 slices  cooked beef slices Asda Chosen by you,
8 Cherry Tomatoes,
Food ProPoints values total used
Food ProPoints values remaining
pedometer - Activity I created
47 min Running
Activity ProPoints values earned
Check off these important items daily:
Liquids = 8
Milk & Dairy = 1
Fruit & Vegetables = 8
Healthy Oil

I keep forgetting to tell you all that you helped raise £78 for Parkinsons Disease charity in my meetings, Marg my helper, her granddaughter did the Great North Run and raised over £500, she was thrilled with our donation, so thank you to everyone who puts their odd bits of change in our collection tubs.
This weeks meeting is all about support and we’ve been finding out you can find support in many places; you can also find saboteurs too!  I’m lucky at the moment because all my friends are supporting me and I’m hoping to lose my half stone for my holiday, here’s to a weight loss for all of us every week for the next 7 weeks ;D

Just remember that everyone loses weight at different speeds, we’re all very different and never judge yourself by someone else’s results, we all have different lifestyles etc, so if you’re doing the best you can, that’s all that matters.

I wonder if I’ll get my 100th Gold Member today, fingers crossed. xx

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