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Monday, 26 September 2011

Let's not have a manic Monday...

26th September 2011

If you cant be a good example, then youll just have to be a horrible warning. Catherine Aird

Well 25 minutes ago my alarm rang and I actually contemplated having another hour, that’s not like me at all – I’m okay now though sat here with my cup of tea, ready for the day.  I wouldn’t mind but I went to bed at nine, so I have had 8 hours sleep, although we didn’t get a great nights sleep Friday in the hotel, the guests were a bit noisy at 3am rolling in totally legless.  So another week  starts and I’ve already got my breakfast weighed out downstairs, going to try ready brek 3pp for 30g then I’ll take my milk out of my allowance.  I’ve got a bit of a mental block where breakfast is concerned at the moment, I need to eat something because of my running but I can’t face the idea of eating before running, so I need to experiment to see what I can cope with.  I have found a cereal bar but it’s 8pp ouch!  I suppose I could have half of those, we’ll see. Monday’s not usually my running day it’s Friday and Sunday but because I ran Saturday, I will probably go out lunch time if I haven’t got time before work.  And if you have any suggestions for a breakfast I might be able to stomach which isn’t too high in ProPoints let me know.

I’m on a mission from today, it’s just over 7 weeks to my holiday, me and the girls met up last night to catch up and we’ve all decided we’d like to lose 7lb so it’s no more weekend silliness for me, I’m getting my head down and sticking to my allowance.   I’ve done a little bit of planning, although I’m not good at decided what I’d like to eat the next day, I have some frozen home made ready meals in the freezer ready too, so they’ll help and I’m toying with a week of the simply filling plan although either way I will try and included plenty of filling and healthy foods.  The good thing is I’ve gone off red wine a bit so that should help, I go through phases and at the moment I’m enjoying lager but if it’s not cold I won’t drink it so therefore I won’t put any in the fridge ;D

Isn’t it difficult to fit everything in when you have a busy life, I genuinely don’t know how working moms manage, it’s hard enough feeding and taking care of yourself without having a family full of other people to take care of.  So if you’re a working mom, I salute you, you are truly amazing; I’m guessing it’s because you’re organised – you’d have to be.

Last week and this week is British Food fortnight did you know, so why not celebrate by tucking into your favourite dishes, buying British product or even taking part in food events organised for the national event www.lovebritishfood.co.uk, I’ve just had a quick look and I like the info they’ve given for if you’re on a budget is pretty good.

It’s going to be a day of playing catch up I think, I’m not exactly going fast this morning, again I’m feeling the respect for the moms out there who have to do things at a certain pace because no ones gonna wait for them. Speaking of which I’ve got Alfie looking at me so I better get sorted, still got breakfast to eat!

Here’s to a non manic Monday.

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