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Friday, 8 October 2010

8th October 2010 - today's facebook email

Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel. G.K. Chesterton

Yesterday I was told a lovely tale by one of my members about how she was reading my email whilst walking her daughter to school and at one point she laughed out loud so her daughter wanted to know what she was laughing at. She read the email to her daughter and on the rest of the journey they decided to smile at everyone they passed, and guess what, everyone smiled back. When her mom said, “It works people do like happy people smiling, they smile back don’t they”, the very clever wonderful daughter replied, “yes mommy and when you do it, it gives you butterflies in your stomach”. Isn’t that just wonderful, and isn’t she so right, don’t you feel great being nice to others and being happy. So if you didn’t give it a go yesterday, be nice today.

Your first ‘be nice’ action can be responding to this email saying, “I read it”, so that I can get some idea of how many of you out there actually read them as some of us were also discussing that yesterday too, and we’re curious to know if anyone actually reads these emails that tax my brain each morning at 5am!

This week in my meeting we’ve looked at “loving what is”, learning to see your body through different eyes, appreciating it for the amazing things it can do and the wonderful way it looks.

So just to add to this weeks talk, remember that thin people have cellulite too! Lot’s of us in our fattest thoughts, have wished more than cellulite on those who just don’t gain weight no matter how many mars bars they eat! And I don’t want to talk about revenge on the naturally thin; I want to look at the truth.

No matter how thin, gorgeous, rich or long-legged someone is, she will still have cellulite, get old and die! And the reason it’s important to remember this is because we forget it all the time. We see these women through rose tinted glasses, and think they’re living the dream so to speak.

We unconsciously believe that reaching our goal not only gives our lives meaning, but will also protect us from pain, from cellulite and from death. Oh and I used to imagine my goal weight making me a foot taller and blonde!

Goals are important, but reaching them does not protect us from anything except the frustration of not reaching them. Think about it; what dill losing weight give you? Does it change the way you feel about your self worth? Make a lost of all the things you thought or think it might give you that it probably won’t.

How can you move toward getting some of those things before you’ve lost weight?

What would need to change about your life now so that you could prioritise those things?

What could you do next week? Tomorrow or better still – right now?

I thought losing weight was the answer to everything in my life, that it would make me happy, it didn’t. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been and that has nothing to do with my size, that’s because I realised, “I’m me”, I don’t need to try to be like anyone else, I don’t need to be liked by everyone else, I don’t need to be perfect, I don’t need to get everything right, I don’t need to be ambitious, I don’t need to have children and get married to be accepted. No I realised that it’s okay just to be me, to live the life I want, not to be terribly ambitious, to want to live a quiet life, not to want children or a husband, to mess up occasionally, to cry now and again, to admit defeat sometimes, to ask for help often.

I think they call it “being human”. So are you human? Or are you trying to be a perfect android!

The Miracle is you. this is a wonderful video that I’ve posted before about the miracle of you, always worth a second watch.

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

I am and I’m enjoying living an imperfect one, which is perfect for me!

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