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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

6th October 2010 - facebook email

The experience of a lifetime is the privilege of being who you really are. Joseph Campbell

Yesterday I was hungry! More so than usual, so guess what I did – I ate! Not only that but on my way home I just fancied “white bread” to make a sandwich of the lamb joint I’d cooked at lunchtime (I’d bought it reduced in Co-op). And it was so delicious, I then had another slice of bread, check me out, am I a rebel or what!

My point is having a bit of what you fancy now and again, or a second helping does not a fat person make and should not cause you to feel guilty after the event. It’s all about balance, a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and a little bit extra sometimes is just what you need.

Today the lamb has gone so it’s unlikely to happen again ;-)

Guilt is just another obstacle that blocks your progress, it fits nicely alongside fear and perfectionism. You might encounter one of these as a problem or even all of them as they tend to go nicely hand in hand,

Guilt can be a valuable emotion so long as it doesn’t last too long dragging you down into chronic self-hatred. A certain amount of guilt is a valuable response to overeating because it lets you know you’re doing something self-destructive. But I’m not talking the sort of thing I did last night, or occasionally having an extra portion because something was delicious, I’m talking radical, persistent overeating. Guilt can become a serious problem when it’s constant, then you feel guilt most of the time, probably about everything, what you eat, how you look etc. This will block your progress because it keeps you stuck in low self-esteem.

Guilt may work as a motivator initially and help you lose a few pounds, but eventually you motivation will fade because of the guilt and the low self-esteem and often you’ll end up thinking, “what’s the point, I’m fat anyway, so why on just eat anything I want?”

We worry so much about how we look rather than how we feel because everyone else can see how we look and make a judgement about it, whereas on we truly know how we feel. However your harshest judge is always yourself, and this keeps you from making real and lasting changes because you’re too busy giving yourself a hard time and the side effect of that is usually weight gain.

So what’s the cure for guilt – it’s simple, its forgiveness!

Forgiveness is merely a choice you can make by getting in touch with yourself and claiming your worth, and you are the only one that can do that. Always remember you are amazing and beautiful. Totally gorgeous and unique! Oh and if you’ve laughed uncomfortably or smiled sarcastically whilst reading those last few sentences, that’s proof of low self-esteem! If you nodded – go you, you’ve come a long way and you’re loving yourself.

So start by forgiving yourself for any overeating you’ve done in the past ever! Follow it up with a promise to take care of yourself because you are gorgeous and you want to stay that way. Think of one thing you can do to help that, something that you don’t already do but that isn’t too difficult, such as drinking more water if you don’t already drink enough. Maybe aim to add more fruit and vegetables into your diet, or promise your body to move it a little more this week to help it be stronger and more flexible. Do something to nurture your gorgeous body.

Let go of the black and white, all or nothing thinking we all can be guilty of, and instead start to thing in shades of grey, or percentages. Instead of aiming for perfection or 100% aim for 75%, if that’s too high go for 50% and aim to improve on that slowly and gently over time.

You’re gorgeous, amazing and wonderful.

Be You (tiful)

Because you are!

Remember, life starts now!

Are you living yet?

Bev xx

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