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Sunday, 31 October 2010

31st October 2010 todays facebook email

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

So the newspapers are trying to steal my thunder and let the cat out of the bag before November 7th! Well you’re still going to have to wait, and all I can say is be patient and don’t believe absolutely everything you read in the newspapers ;-)

All I will say is I’m losing weight because it works, it’s liveable and I love it and I can’t wait until I can share it with you. I haven’t felt deprived since following it and I haven’t needed to cheat and go off track – it is fabulous!

So quickly changing the subject because I’m rubbish with secrets anyway, me and Alfie had a couple of lovely walks yesterday he’s really helping me get active and it’s something I enjoy doing, I love to walk anyway so having to go out once or twice a day and getting fresh air and thinking time is great. It’s so important to find an activity you enjoy otherwise you’re not likely to stick to it.

I continued with my active day, did the ironing, even altered a dress I’d bought a couple of months ago so can now wear it at last, and ended my energetic spurt with a cooking session we had chicken thighs, mushrooms, bacon, broccoli and cauliflower and it was delicious. I made a pineapple and banana smoothie too which I turn a glass of into a cocktail by adding a single shot of rum, mmm. Then decided on an early night but Alfie was having none of it because of the fireworks, he wasn’t scared just interested so wouldn’t settle ;-) hey ho, I got the extra hour this morning.

Got another busy day today in preparation, because I’m away next weekend which is bad time but coming back a day early for the launch, gutted because it’s my annual girls weekend and other than my Christmas holiday it’s the break I look forward to most as I get to spend time with those that really matter to, we don’t need distractions to make it interesting we just spend the time chatting and catching up on each other lives and enjoying each others company, can’t wait. At least being busy earns activity points – yay, I’ve earnt loads this week ;-)

How could you get active today, remembering the “dust if you must” from yesterday, what could you do today that’s more enjoyable, you could spend that extra hour under the duvet with your loved one! Or if that’s not your idea of fun ;) you could go for a walk, the trees are just gorgeous at the moment with their red leaves. Halloween tonight, so how about hollowing out a pumpkin, I’m sure that can be quite hard work, not that I can say I’ve ever done it. I’m going to make grey peas and bacon for the first time ever today though, I love them but have never cooked them!

Here’s some ideas and the duration you’d need to do to use roughly 100 calories, but remember the most important decision when choosing to be active is, “will I enjoy it”.

Aerobic – 20mins
Cross training – 15mins
Cycling – 15mins
Dancing – 25mins
Gardening – 25mins
Jogging – 15mins
Netball – 20mins
Playing pool – 30mins
Sex – 20mins (you have that extra hour!)
Skiing – 20mins
Swimming (breaststroke) 10mins
Tennis – 15mins
Walking – 30mins (less hassle than sex!)
Weight-training – 40mins
Yoga – 40mins (also stress relieving)

Here’s to a none-lazy Sunday ;-)

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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