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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

26th October 2010 - facebook email

The most difficult thing I have ever had to do is follow the guidance I prayed for. Albert Schweitzer

Ouch, I spent yesterday afternoon at the dentist – boo, the silly man told me as he was about to give me the injection, this needle has to be bigger because the tooth’s at the back of your mouth! I explained after swearing at him – I was able to do that even with his hand and a huge needle in my mouth, that you shouldn’t tell people that especially if they’re scared of needles, so it was a good few hours after the filling that I had full function of my face and mouth ;) and I paid for it, £45, expensive maybe, worth it absolutely! My teeth are precious as is the rest of my body. This is one reason I was a little surprised at a comment I received in my meeting last night, my members were asking me about the new products that are arriving next month and I told them that Weight Watchers are giving a discount until the end of the year and also doing a special bundle back worth over £100 for £69.95 (includes scales, pedometer, new cookbook, clicker, deluxe essentials pack which has shop, eat, track, calculator, pen and tape measure in and a box of toffee bars), the comment that surprised me was, “I’ve got better things to spend seventy quid on”, why did it surprise me, because I’m always shocked at how little importance we put on ourselves and our well-being, we only have one body and by taking care of it we get to hang around this planet a bit longer and enjoy it because we’re healthy and happy. If you look in peoples trolleys and shopping baskets they think nothing of paying £15 for the latest dvd or album, £50 for the lastest video game, £5 for a bottle of wine, £3 for crisps or a pizza. On a night out I know people spend at least £50, I mean how much is a pint these days! I don’t know because I don’t drink in pubs very often.

Money’s tight at the moment for everyone, so by cutting back on things we don’t need such as junk food we can save money, Christmas is around the corner so make sure everyone knows your Christmas list has new Weight Watchers products on it. ;)

I’m following the new plan at the moment, oh have I not mentioned that in my emails yet?! Well all I’m saying is it’s NEW, it’s BREAKTHROUGH and it’s arriving in your meeting from November 7th! Anyway as I said I’m following this new plan and for the first two weeks only had a calculator and the programme material, well I don’t know how people cope without the tools! I’ve always been a Weight Watcher and I’ve always bought the books and tools etc even before I was a leader, and to suddenly not have them was really difficult for me, I love my pedometer to tell me how many steps I’ve done and what its earnt me, I enjoy trying new recipes and using none WW ones, so I use Weight Watchers esource to work everything out for me and suddenly I was having to do it myself which takes up my valuable time! I like my life to be convenient, heck I know I can turn the tv over by getting up and walking over to it, but I don’t have to because I have a gadget called a remote control which makes it quicker and easier. I know if I want to talk to my sister she only lives round the corner, but I have a phone and email so I don’t have to go out in the cold anymore. Yes I love my gadgets and I love anything that makes my life simple, most of all I LOVE ME! Because I’m the most important person in my life, by taking care of me and putting me first, I have the energy to take care of others and help them.

So this Christmas don’t forget you deserve to be on that Christmas gift list too! Because you should learn to love you too ;-)

This week practice putting yourself first, make time for your meeting, stay and listen to the talk if you usually rush in and out, get into the habit of making time for you.
Benefit by staying to the talk, sharing ideas and tips with others and getting support and motivation from people who are experiencing weight loss just like you are. It’s critical to come back every week – research shows that people who attend the greatest number of meetings have the greatest weight loss success.
So become part of that success, you’re worth it; nothing is more valuable than you!
Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?
You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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