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Monday, 25 October 2010

25th October 2010 - facebook email

What is a friend? A single soul shared by two people. Aristotle

Monday again, you’ve got to love weekends and as there aren’t enough of them you have to make the most of them when they get here.

I spent some time in the kitchen yesterday, made a lovely chicken casserole for today and the beef goulash recipe out of this month’s magazine (delicious). Whilst cooking I was thinking about how much I enjoy good food and fine wine and how it is an important part of my life, I wouldn’t want to cut it out altogether to be slim. I’d rather lose weight at a slower, steady rate and enjoy the foods that I do, I’m happy to lose 1/2lb a week as long as I’m enjoying the food I eat and feeling better.

If you want to change for good you’ve got to do it at a rate that suits you, change is easier if you’re enjoying it. A diet that works doesn’t have to make sense to everyone but it has to make sense to the person who follows it! I know some of the meal choices I make would make others pull their face, but that’s okay because they don’t have to eat it. The reason diets often don’t work is that people treat them like buses; they become a hop-on, hop-off experience for them whenever they feel like it. And because someone else gives the rules of the diet it becomes easier to ignore them, whereas if you adapt the diet to suit you and your lifestyle and make the rules yourself, it’s not so easy to ignore them.

Often when members are struggling I ask them to email me their tracker on a daily basis, this weekend I asked one of those members to analyse her own tracker and point out the good and not so good, her response was brilliant! She suggested that she’d had a lot of bread, hardly any veg, needed more filling foods, needed to stop snacking on crisps & chocolate even if they were Weight Watchers, etc. She knew exactly what she was doing that was helping or hindering her weight loss, and I think that’s true of all of us. We know what makes us fat, just as we know how to lose weight. You know when you are eating for comfort or boredom eating, or when you giving in to a craving. Nobody knows more about you, than yourself – you are the world’s number one expert on you!
You are also the one who knows how much you really want to lose weight, I think this is a really important question to answer, my sister once honestly admitted to me that she would love to lose weight but at that moment in time she wasn’t willing make the trade-off and put in the effort required. Honestly with yourself is the most important thing, I know I want to lose a few more pounds to get back to my goal but I also know I’m not willing to cut out my basic indulgences of the food I eat, so I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m going to do it slowly, half a pound at a time is just fine.

So right now have that conversation with yourself, how much do you want it? What changes are you prepared to make to get the weight loss? Are you willing to take longer getting there so you can still enjoy life? How can you make the Weight Watchers plan work for you? Don’t just listen to your mind, listen to your body too, how does it feel, is it comfortable, is it in pain anywhere that you could help ease by losing a bit of weight or eating better foods?
After all who’s not in favour of living better and living longer?

Remember life starts now?

Are you living yet?

You’re not alive unless you’re living!

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