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Thursday, 7 October 2010

7th October 2010 - todays facebook email

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. Harry S. Truman

Yesterday was a good day, I got one of my members to goal at my Bloxwich meeting and it was extra special because she needed to lose weight to have an operation on her legs, the surgery is next week and yesterday she reached her goal weight having lost 8 stone! Amazing success, such an inspiration to us all, well done Margaret.

I’m constantly looking for ideas and tips and things to share with you all daily through these emails, and yesterday I had a member tell me that together with her sister they’d been trying to work me out! They’d decided I wasn’t just a WW leader I was some sort of life coach or similar. I took this as a huge compliment because although I’m not trained to do any of those things, I do love their work and have always been interested in those roles. What stops me from following that career path is that the majority of us “normal working class folk” can’t afford one-on-one sessions with life coaches and therapists, hence the reason I try to use their ideas in my meetings and through these emails. So thank you to that beautiful lady and her sister who made me feel good last night by making me believe that in some small way I’m doing that ;-)

I’ve decided to make today, Bev’s Weight Watchers, “Be Nice Day”, so today I want everyone of you to be nice to people, no matter what mood you woke up in! Randomly tell people they look nice, but don’t add “have you lost weight”, onto the end of the sentence, just tell them they look good, you don’t have to lose weight to look good, you can look good anytime. Even better still if you can see someone wants to talk – listen, give them 5 or 10 minutes, it might be a little old lady in the street, for me yesterday it was two ladies in two different shops, an errand that should have taken me 10 minutes took me an hour, did I have time – no, did I make time – yes!

So at least for today;

Be nice
Think Happy Thoughts
Champion Silver linings
Love all things (not just cute things like babies and kittens)
& when you do love – love like they do in power ballads. (you know like on a cliff with the wind in your hair and your eyes shut, knowing you’ll never know another love like this)
Watch out for the dog poo.
Smile at people – even the grumpy ones.
Be nice (oh I already said that)
Remember that anything is possible and whatever you do always try to look on the bright side.

Life’s too short to be unhappy, even if you can find a reason to be! And lets be honest, if we look everyone can find a reason to be miserable, but if you look a little harder you can find a reason to be cheerful. Remember those gratitude’s.

Today, I’m grateful for
- A good uninterrupted nights sleep.
- The rainbow I saw last night
- The beautiful warm sunshine that was burning my back through my office window yesterday afternoon.

Your turn!

Don’t worry, be happy ;-)

Do you remember that song! Don't Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin

Have a happy day.

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