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Saturday, 25 January 2020

You don't get thin overnight!

Saturday 25th January 2020
Self care is how you take your power back.

It's going to be a great day!  Don't forget to say it, I've got a morning of members to look forward to seeing, then I'm not sure what the day holds, I do know at some point this weekend, housework needs to be done.  I will be making the chicken casserole today that I was making yesterday until I realised I had a risotto in the fridge that needed eating, 11SP, it looked not so great but tasted much better.

Then I had the leftover garlic chicken for tea, my casserole will do me for the weekend now.

See I've now been a coach for over 15 years, I've been a member on and off since I left school and the longer I do this the more I become about 'health' rather than numbers on a scale, I've just sat here and realised a couple of new members didn't come this week and I think it's because they didn't lose 'LOADS' of weight last week, that makes me sad because it's better to chip away at it than lose loads for a few weeks, make no realistic, long term changes and end up gaining it all again.

I refuse to put that pressure on myself anymore, there are enough things to get disappointed over and sad about without adding to the list.  When I plan meals, or write my shopping list these days, I'm more inclined to consider whether it's food that's good for me rather than food that will make me lose weight.

And giving up completely isn't going to help anyone lose weight is it!

When I decide what I'm having to eat, I try to make sure there's vegetables on the plate, even breakfast, by adding mushrooms or tomatoes, or a bit of fruit instead.  This is more important, getting into the habit of eating fruit and veg will be better for me in the long run than losing half stone in a week.

1lb a week is 52lb in a year, hell 1/2lb a week is a couple of stone, it's so much easier to chip away with the half pounds than aim for 2lb a week, as one new member said this week, 'I'm happy with a pound because I've been away this weekend and had a good time'.  Still living life at the same time see.

Aiming for 30 minutes of activity or 10k steps each day is also better than an initial half stone loss, because if you can make that activity a habit, it'll help you with your weight loss and your health both physical and mental.

But we live in a world where we want quick and easy don't we, which is part of the reason we've put the weight on in the first place because it's quicker and easier to pick up the phone and call for a takeaway than it is to stand in the kitchen and cook a healthy meal from scratch.

Easter Sunday is on April 12th this year, that's 11 weeks away, they say it takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 8 weeks for friends and family and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice, would you like everyone else to start noticing around Easter so when they ask, 'OMG what have you been doing?"  You can reply, I've been taking care of myself!

Or you could starve yourself for a couple of weeks, lose half stone and have everyone tell ya how miserable you look because yeah you're lighter but you're hungry, you haven't been out and had a good time and you know deep down, you're not going to be able to keep it up long term.

I've spent way too long focusing on numbers on a scale, I'm now focusing on eating delicious, healthy food and making it through each day focusing on the good stuff, actually looking for it and where possible making it.

I'm off to have a great day, how about you?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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