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Monday, 6 January 2020

What you going to do today?

Monday 6th January 2020
What you do today will affect all your tomorrows. 

2lb off that's the first week in the bag, I ended on minus 15 weeklies which is more like minus 22 as I don't point my skimmed milk in my drinks, so if I used a pint over the week, that's 7SP.  I have cut down massively on tea and coffee though, at one time it would've been 1/2 pint a day minimum.  2lb off means I'm back in the 12's, now to get to 12st 6.5lb, that's my short term goal, well end of Feb I'm hoping, it'll take me 1/2lb lighter than I got to in 2019.  Half a stone, that's a pound a week but I need to remember it's my birthday this month so that might interfere, but not much to be honest as I won't be actually doing anything and it's on a Sunday so I already drink then anyways lol.

Well I didn't spend time in the kitchen yesterday morning as I said I was going to because when I'd finished my blog, mom was coming up the stairs and when I asked what she was doing, her reply, "I was coming to see if your dad was okay but the lights still off in his bedroom".  Dad died a very, very long time ago.  I decided it was more important to distract her, I suggested we go watch 'The Voice' and we spent a lovely few hours together, she was in a good mood, so I made the most of it, we watched 'The Greatest Dancer' next. In a nutshell my day was spent watching tele with mom and walking Alfie (over 2 hours he had split over 2 walks and he still wanted to keep going!) I'm ringing the vet today, I want him checked over, something's not right with him, I can just tell. 

A picture speaks a thousand words but hides so much at the same time ❤️

Before I walked him for the second time, I did manage to get a big pan of beef stew going, the beef was reduced in the Co-op when I went to get mom a paper, so I couldn't resist, the whole pan is 37SP but there's easily 6 bowls. 

2 packs 400g lean stew beef
800g cubed potatoes
5 carrots sliced
2 large onions sliced
8 oxo cubes crumbled in boiling water. (use oxo to your taste, I like a rich taste hence so many!)

put it all in a pan, make sure there's enough water to cover everything, bring to boil and simmer for hours and hours on a very low light. 

We ended up going to bed at 7pm, after being awake with mom since 2am, I was happy to go, bless her its 7am now and she's still asleep, so she was obviously exhausted.  Alfie had me up at midnight, he could hear the foxes, but thankfully he settled quickly and didn't wake mom. 

I will mostly be eating this all day today, whilst trying to resist bread and spread with it.  I've already had my fruit this morning, 2 satsumas, banana, apple, I need to get more, I'm almost out!  Check me out, I've got a bin full of peelings and cores on my desk!  Just placed an online order to come tomorrow afternoon, checked NO substitutions so they can't send me an elephant instead of a bunch of grapes!  I've only used them again because I had the coupons to use for the previous cock-up, next time I'm going to try somewhere else or as my sister offered nip out weeniest she's here.  

Anyway, it's Monday, however your weekend went, it's time to get back to it, if you're back at work today, which I know a lot are, it's time to get on it, kids are back to school, normality resumes.  I've got a busy morning planned, my mattress is being delivered, I've got to get to the chemist, hopefully the vets, sort my workshops for the week ahead, do some computer work, mmm yay for my day off lol.  Will spend a little time planning and thinking about meal ideas for the week ahead. 

Here's to a great day.  If you need to know where to find me this week, here are all the details for my workshops

Short Heath Methodist Church
Wesley Road, Short Heath,
WV12 5QT
Tuesday (8.30am weigh only) 9.30am & 5.30pm

St Albans Church Hall
Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park Estate, Wednesfield WV11 2LJ
Wednesday 5.30pm, 6.45pm.

St John's Methodist Church 
Victoria Avenue
Thursday (8.30am weigh only), 9.30am, 10.45am, 5pm & 6.15pm

United Reform Church
Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton
WV10 8BH
Saturday 9.00am

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