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Friday, 10 January 2020


Friday 10th January 2020
Today I want you to think about all that you are, instead of all that you are not.

I've just looked out the window and the sky is these awesome colours in layers, a burnt orange at the bottle, a grey blue in the middle and a dark petrol blue on the top and it's mystical, actually it looks like how a pool of spilt petrol in a puddle on the road would look, my imagination can almost smell it, made me forget where I was for a moment, until Zoe Ball's noise on the radio bought me back into the room.  I love the sky, I'm not really a poetry lover though, but every morning I log onto Pinterest to look for inspiration for a quote or an image, it's where I go to find my crochet ideas too and foodie things and the very first image on the screen was this poem. 

Here's it written so you can actually read it.

I love to sit in silence. 

I love to sit in silence
Beneath a shady tree
And listen to the songs of birds
And to the buzz of bees

I love to sit in silence
And watch the clouds roll by
Then read a book or sing a song
And hear a wild bird cry

I love to sit in silence
When the day is almost done
And see behind the distant hill
The paint glow of the sun

I love to sit in silence
In the evening twilight
And listen to the whippoorwill
Singing with all its might

I love to sit in silence
Beneath the starry sky
And pray to all in earnest
To live in silence all the while

And this poem pretty much sums up how I ended my day last night, I just needed to sit in silence, it had been an incredibly busy day at work, buzzing and brilliant, we had a great day in workshops.  Home not so great, what between Alfie and mom (argghhh), by the time I was home just before 8, I had no energy left for them both, mom wasn't being nice, so she went to bed and I sat in silence and ate, yep then I ate a bit more, then I had another glass of wine and fell asleep in front of the tele.  On a positive, I've just tracked it all honestly and thankfully it's only 43SP, ONLY I hear you cry but if I'd  had what I'd fancied, it would've been a chicken chow mien, egg fried rice and anything else I'd have ordered in the moment on the way home, so yeah it could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Once I'd read that poem, I felt calmer, but also curious as to what the hell a whippoorwill was!  Well it's this little chap

And this is his call

Maybe now I'm a grown up, poetry could become something I enjoy, perhaps I'll read a poem a day, thanks to the internet you can do things like that easily can't you.  Get myself a bit of culture.  Maybe I'll post one at the bottom of my blog this year to get us all cultured ;) you don't have to read it do ya, you can whizz over it, and maybe I'll forget I even thought about it by tomorrow morning!

I went to bed after ten but managed to sleep till 6.45 when Alfie came tip-tapping in to wake me up, oh the sky, it's still amazing, jut incredible, if I hadn't got to be some where I'd just sit watching it up the garden but that's not happening is it, this is real life and I don't have the time.

Yep I have managed to get Alfie a vet appointment for 9am, I'm hoping he can shed some light on his very odd behaviour, I can't cope with him and mom being like this, it'll tip me over the edge, so here's hoping he's sortable.  Also from a totally selfish point of view, here's hoping I'm back home before 10 because I have my first massage this year, since before Christmas I think, it's all a blur, my life that is, I don't remember anything any more, if I ever lose my phone I'll forget who I am I think!

Here's hoping today is an easier day with mom and Alfie, I still have lots of work to do but it'll have to wait until I get back from the vets, massage, oh and the mechanics as I'm hopefully getting my new battery today, yay to days off NOT! Hopefully by the time I get to sit down, I'll get to relax, I haven't picked my crochet hook up in days, that speaks volumes.

I've got to be careful as I've not got any meals planned either, temptation is rearing its ugly head, I woke up hungry, head hunger not physical, I could eat all the wrong stuff right now, I'd kill a plate of fries, actually you know what, I might get some of those skinny ones from the Co-op whilst I'm out and have them with the fish fingers in the freezer and eggs (yeah 2 of em!), better that than ending up eating crisps etc.

Right I need to go, I've got an hour to get to the vets and I'm still in my pjs!  Have a great day, mwah.

Luv ya

Love me.

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