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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Got my Nigella on yesterday didn't I!

Saturday 18th January 2020
You're allowed to hope for what's to come, while making the most of where you are already.

Today's the last day of my 40s!  Where did that decade go, mom's just woke up and asked me when we're going home so I guess that answers that question, most of it got swallowed up by Alzheimers, but we made it and there's been some good times for sure.  I can't believe I'm going to be 50 tomorrow, I've become a proper grown up and everything, responsibilities and stuff - it sucks don't it lol.  I miss being able to just walk out the house and go do what I want, when I want.  It's all good though, I stay in the house and ignore the housework, so I still get to be a bit of a rebel.

I did enjoy my massage very much yesterday, even more so because it was a gift and then I spent a little time in the kitchen yesterday getting creative and I enjoyed that;

I had these 2 courgettes that were thinking of walking out the fridge and escaping as they'd been in there so long!
 so I did this to the best bits of them using a potato peeler.
 These had also been in the fridge for a long time, so I wanted to use them. 2SP for 2 of them
I'd bought this over Christmas so wanted to use some of this, 100g is 5SP, you can cook it in a pan of boiling water but I like it baked.
 I'm not a fan of tomato sauce based food but I like this one, 2SP for the packet. 
(must remember to pay for it this morning) 
 and this is the nicest chorizo and it was on offer last week 2 for £5.  quite high in points 28g was 4SP but it's strong in flavour.
 I did this with it all, put it on the courgette and rolled it up.

so it looked like this, I shoved the few spare gnocchi in the middle as you can see and then I covered it with the tomato sauce sachet

Topped it with 70g of grated protein cheese 2SP
and baked in the oven for half hour on 180 degrees (gas mark 4) 
 It looked like this when it came out and was delicious

15SP in the whole thing or 8SP in half, nom nom,

 I really enjoyed it and it proved I can still enjoy the strong flavoured ingredients I like and stay on track (starting Monday anyway as this weekend is my birthday weekend and I'll be mostly going over my points allowance!

I'm going to have to go, moms disorientated this morning so I'll go get ready as soon as I can for work and spend a little time with her before Anne comes round.  Yesterday was the first day in a week that Alfie wasn't good, I did manage to walk him but not as far as we have been going, I wonder if those two things are connected, I can walk him 2-3 hours every day though, it's just not feasible.

Anyways, here's to a happy birthday weekend for me and a great weekend for you whatever you're up too, go celebrate on my behalf xx

mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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