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Saturday, 4 January 2020

71SP but I still have 1 FitPoint left!

Saturday 4th January 2020
A river cuts through a rock, not because of it's power but its persistence 

If it's not there you can't consume it! 

Unfortunately it was there and I did, so yesterday wasn't as successful as the four days prior, it's all good though, I tracked the lot (honestly which is a little painful when you see the numbers start to add up.  I ended the day having used 71SP which means I've used all my weeklies and I only have 1 Fit Points left, my points don't reset until Monday but this is real life.  I know it's highly unlikely that I'll come in on budget but is that a reason to stop trying - hell no, I will continue to do my best.  I'm not going to lie I enjoyed everything I had yesterday.  The last bit of Boursin on the last of the crackers and a bag of Walkers cheese and onion crisps mmm.  Then there was the bottle of sherry that ended up in my house - doh!  I can drink that stuff like wine, so as you can guess I had more than a schooner full, although that had been my intention, I even measure out 30ml - who was I trying to kid. 

Anyway on a positive I did some cooking, I made chargrilled vegetable and roasted garlic couscous, that will last a few days.  I also did honey and mustard chicken tonight and a chicken curry using a home pride curry sauce.  That means I have curry for today and a few dishes have gone into the freezer.  If the Tesco garage have a cauliflower today, I can have cauliflower rice with it, they didn't send one in my Sainsbury's delivery, they substituted it with Kale!  Can't make rice with that can I!

I'm still feeling good and positive, I didn't go into full on sod it mode yesterday, if I had, that number would've been a hell of a lot higher, I made choices, they may have been choices that will set back my weight loss success, but that's okay, yesterday they added to my satisfaction scale, my honesty has cost me 6SP since I starting blogging, as I've remembered stuff I had that I hadn't tracked, so that 71SP above was only (lol only) 65SP ten minutes ago, but then I remembered that couscous and realised I was lying to myself about how much Boursin I had, so I amended it. 

Persistance, that's what it's all about, I hear a lot of members say, "I don't want to be fat and 50 (or 40 or whatever age those significant ones are for that individual)". Turns out it's too late for me not to be fat and 50 as I only have 15 days to lose 3 stone to get to a 'healthy bmi', thankfully I have no desire to get that much weight off so I'll aim for getting healthier in my fifties.  Why?  Because not being isn't much fun.  In the front of every members 'My Success Planner', is a place to write 'My Why', as it states, we talk a lot about the importance of finding your why, how it's different from your goals, and how to use it to fuel your journey.  Writing down your why can make it even more powerful.  If it changes over time, just update it.  When you need a boost of inspiration, remind yourself of your why.  

One of my why's as yak as it may sound is to be able to easily get Alfie's poo up when we're out walking, I noticed over Christmas when we were out one morning, I had to think about navigating that manoeuvre, I was shocked.  I've always been so supple in the past and here I was struggling to bend down!  Yep those WHY's don't have to all be, you know the ones, 'So I'm round for my children', they can be like mine, you can have lots of why's just keep listing them down.  I suppose mine could really help me if everytime I go to overindulge I think 'dog poo', you never know it could work lol.

Here's to hiding the sherry today, actually no I should really get my sister to remove the sherry from my house, I should've done that when it arrived really, I knew it wasn't safe on the side.  Anne if you're reading this, take it with you, it's in the wine rack in the kitchen (I hid it so you wouldn't see how much I'd necked!.

At least I've started today off well, already had 3 pieces of fruit (apple, pear, banana), I've got my water in front of me, already drunk a full tumbler through the night, when mom wakes me I have a bit.

Let's all survive the weekend as best as we can, let's be honest with each other, I loved seeing my members being open and sharing in our Facebook group yesterday, sharing experiences is so much better than hiding away.  

I'm off to get ready for this mornings workshop, looking forward to it as I always do.  

Have a good one, mwah, luv ya 

Love me x 

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