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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

It's all about surviving!

Wednesday 8th January 2020
At midnight, even bad days come to an end. 

Well I've just eaten my watermelon so now I need a shower and a change of clothing, seriously how messy is fruit!  It's filling as well though and I'm getting used to eating it, turning it into a habit.

This week isn't going quite as easily or as well as last week but if I'm honest I didn't expect it too, if it was easy I wouldn't have a weight problem.  Anyway, my day started calm, mom didn't wake up until I was just about to leave to go to work, I was even running early, so I chatted to my sis for 10 minutes, we rarely get to do that, usually we tag each other at the door.  Then I got in the car and it wouldn't start - arrrggghhh!  Mine is not the kind of job you can just call a taxi to get there, not with all the stock I take with me, thankfully once again Bonnie's hubby came to the rescue and I got there, still early for what is a 8.30 start but I'm usually there well early as I like to take my time and a few of my members like to nip in on their way to work.  The usual stuff happened when you're in a rush, things got dropped, stuff went wrong, you know how it is, thankfully it ws too early in the morning for wine (my go to stress reliever) and there was nothing in grabbing distance to eat and do damage, plus I was actually too busy to think about doing the old comfort eating thing, unfortunately there would be plenty of time later for THINKING about food! 

I get home and Alfie wants walking even though it's raining, we go out for about 40 minutes, then I start doing my paperwork (well computer work really isn't it but that doesn't sound right) and he's driving me insane, pacing up and down, panting, jumping up me (all signs of dog stress & anxiety - I've made a vet appt), this is then affecting mom so I put my shoes on and take him out again, the panting stops the minute he's outside, but then he just stands and stares around, drinks out of a puddle (what's that all about, there's water bowls all over the house!) eventually he walks and we're out another hour and he really doesn't want to go home, but I've got to, I have stuff to do.  I called my sis whilst walking and she said the same, mom had been a diamond today it was Alfie being a nightmare.  By now I'm wound like a coil, so I go hide in the kitchen and make a cheese and potato pie with onion and mustard in whilst having me a cry because there are no calories in tears and that did me more good than opening the cupboards and eating some crap.  

I get to go back for a rest at half four and we have a busy night, which is buzzing as was the morning one, love a busy workshop, great to see so many coming to give one of the 3 plans a go, something for everyone in MyWW.  One of my members bought a couple of gadgets to check my car - see WW is more than weight loss, it's friendship and community, I know the best people thanks to WW.  My battery ain't charging enough, so it's either that or the alternator, so a visit to the mechanic for me this morning, I now understand a bit about cars - knowledge is power and all that, I do love a gadget!  I'm even considering buying my own jump leads, I'd still need another car obviously to do that but at least I wouldn't have to keep getting Bonnie's hubby out of bed. 

Thankfully when I got back I had this beauty made ready to eat with some homemade baked beans courtesy of Angie,  

I fried some onion in a bit of oil and stirred into the mash with a tablespoon of dijon mustard, then added a grated block of this Arla cheese.  Delicious, once topped with a bit more cheese and grilled.  Served 4 at 8SP each portion on blue. 

If you've never made the baked beans, give it a go, 

WW Baked Beans  💚 6SP 💙 0SP 💜 0SP

1 can haricot beans (including the juice in the can)
Passata to cover beans
1 sachet of WW BBQ sauce
Add salt and pepper to taste, if you like your beans a bit sweet, feel free to add a little sweetener.

Put it all in a saucepan, bring to the boil, then simmer for 20-30 minutes until thickened and the beans have softened.  Make sure you taste it as you want those beans to be soft like the canned varieties. 
This is the BBQ sauce available in your Workshops 

My evening was tough, Alfie took a while to settle, mom at one point asked if she'd given birth to him, obviously thinking he was a baby not a dog, I'm thinking food would help this situation, or at least make me feel better, but instead of going to find something to eat, I posted in my Facebook group to help remind myself and my members, the answer to a tough day isn't in the cupboard and I'm happy to say ended my day on 38SP which I know is well over budget but it was controlled and I did earn 12FP thanks to all that walking and work.   I SURVIVED!

On days where it all feels hard for you, remember to check in with yourself.  Did you:

  • Ate some healthy food
  • Drank some water
  • Got some sleep 
  • Went outside for a bit of fresh air
  • Cleaned your teeth 
  • Interacted with some people 

If you can tick those things off, you survived and remember, you've survived every bad day you've had up to now and we'll continue to do so won't we because we have each other, our WW community rocks!

Bless mom, she's aware this morning, she woke me before 5 and I lay there smiling thinking on days I don't have to get up, she wakes early, but when I got out of bed and she said, 'Did I wake you up, I tried to be quiet but my door squeaks', this made my morning because it means today she's aware, it also reminded me that I had meant to find some WD40 to sort her door out and had forgotten, I've done it now, it no longer squeaks and mom thinks I'm a mechanical genius. Oh and Alfie is asleep on the chair in my office so he's calm at the minute too - yay!  

Now to get my car sorted so I don't have the same problem as I had yesterday, my car not starting makes me turn into a major league drama queen I won't lie.

Here's to surviving another day and trying to pull back a few points and earn a few more.  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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