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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

My greedy bitch is getting loud!

Wednesday 15th January 2020
Each day you have to make a decision, will you give up, give in or give it your all.

Mid week already, yesterday was a wonderfully busy day in workshops, lots of weight loss and laughter which is always a good thing.  I ate well too, started my day with the cauliflower cheese cakes I'd made on Monday, so good and filling,   These are the moulds I used to cook them in, they're fab.  I've already sold out in my workshops, but going to order more tomorrow hopefully, so if you're one of my members and want some ordering, let me know. 

I resisted toast when offered at my workshop, thankfully the cauliflower things had done the job and filled me up, going to make something similar today, not got cauliflower but I'll find something to throw in there I'm sure, or I could run over the Co-op, but I'd like to use up what's in the kitchen. 

For lunch, I really enjoyed this new 8SP WW meal! It says it's 4SP in half but I had the whole thing, I've actually emailed WW food queries as it has chicken breast in so I would guess the points should be lower on blue and purple, by my reckoning either 3SP in half or 5SP in total, let's hope they reply with good news because it's a bargain for 5SP and delicious.  

I used my WW spiraliser to make my own garlic courgetti for zero extra points!  Just used spray light and a little frozen garlic in the pan and I have cooked courgetti in a minute, great making my own as it was fresher, I've noticed when you buy stuff like that it doesn't keep well and smells, plus there's all the packaging, doing my little bit for the environment (trying ain't I)  

Then for tea I indulged in this M&S pizza for 12SP, there's no better way to spend 12SP in my opinion, delicious, (thank you Angie for treating me to it).

I ended on 39 so still not great, I had the munchies yesterday, indulged in a WW coconut protein bar and a packet of WW veggie sticks, could've been worse!  Then I had some wine when I got home. 

The greedy bitch in me is playing with my head, she's telling me "it's your birthday on Sunday, it's too late to be 'fit at 50', so let's start 50 fat and get fit in your 50s, enjoy the rest of the week, have a Chinese and Indian takeaway, celebrate your birthday at home, then get back on track properly Monday".  Yeah that's more or less the dialogue that's been going on in my head for the last few days.    I want chicken chow mein, egg fried rice and Tandoori chicken what can I say, the heart wants what the heart wants 😂😜

Damage limitation until Monday I'm thinking, then a great big fat line will be drawn and I'll do my best.   Until then, here's to surviving another day and doing my best, hope you do too.  Mwah, 

luv ya 

Love me xx

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