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Monday, 27 January 2020

Bit cheesy this morning....

Monday 27th January 2020
The first to apologise is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, the first to forget is the happiest. 

The last slice of my birthday cheese and onion pie and it was just as good out of the freezer as it had been fresh, probably not the healthiest breakfast to have yesterday but meh, I was 50 so I'm allowed to celebrate a little longer than a day, I don't think a weeks too bad, oh and they're will be Friday when I'm being allowed out to go for a curry with my besties. 

I don't really want to talk scales results as they weren't what I'd want lol, but what I will say is it just shows it's not a good idea to get on the scales more than once a week, yesterday morning I did step on and I'd lost 1lb, the morning I've stepped on and gained 3lb, after going to the toilet and removing my glasses and Fitbit, it was 2lb, this is why you shouldn't only base your success on the numbers on a scale, they don't define you!  There's more to health than calories and scales!

Is it better to define your progress by keeping your fingers crossed for a weight loss?  Don't forget scale weight is just one measure of progress, you weight alone will never tell the full story.  there's so many factors that affect your weight and progress is so much more than just a number.  I feel pretty great in myself compared to how I have felt over the last few months, and if you feel great then chances are you're making great progress.  If you like me feel better about where you are right now, then you should be celebrating (not with food of course) and treating how you're feeling as a big win!  I see so many members walk into the workshop, walk towards the scales, I can see they're buzzing, they're smiling and almost bouncing, then they step on the scales and it doesn't say what they'd hoped and their shoulders drop, the smile fades and that square box on the floor has the power to ruin that great feeling. It almost did that to me this morning and quickly I realised what was happening and sad NO, it's going to be a great day, those scales are not going to affect how much my mood has improved right now.  

I have a massive decision to make with Alfie, I'm trying not to be selfish or cry and think about it from what's best for him, at the beginning of the month, this would've lowered my mood even more than it already was, instead I'm trying to focus on the fact he's had the most indulgent life and I don't want him to suffer, it's about him not me.  

Anyway, back to focusing on healthy and happy, I haven't wrote that in a while, I used to be all about the healthy and happy, hence Bev's Happy Owls (Over Weight Ladies (or Lads)). You can be healthy and happy at any weight and that's always been my belief.  It doesn't mean I don't want to take care of myself or want to look and feel my best, it means that I refuse to beat myself up because I enjoy good food and wine, yeah losing weight is easier when you love and support yourself isn't it.  I'm choosing to be healthy and happy whatever my size.

Oh but I have to share my dinner with you from yesterday, loving that I'm getting my cooking mojo back for sure.  A simple white sauce is all you need to make to turn a humble cauliflower into the tastiest Roasted Cauliflower cheese.    

So this is what I did, firstly roast your cauliflower, cut it into florets, spray with spray light and roast for about 20-25 minutes (gas 4, 180 fan oven). Roasting it stops the cauliflower cheese ending up watery.

White Sauce (15SP total) 

40g low fat spread (5SP)
40g plain flower (4SP)
450ml skimmed milk (6SP) 

Plonk it all in a non stick saucepan, place over a medium-high heat and cook, stirring all the time.  The lumps with blend together as it heats, making a wonderful smooth, creamy sauces. 

You can use this sauce in things like a lasagne or fish pie, I however turned it into a cheese sauces by adding a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 25g grated parmesan (4SP) and 40g grated cheese (6SP).  

Place roasted cauliflower in a dish and pour over the sauce.  I then topped with 100g of cheddar (16SP) and roasted for 20-30 minutes until it was bubbly and brown, you could roast it less time and pop under the grill to brown, I was being lazy didn't want to stand in the kitchen.

So the whole thing was 41SP, you could save points by using low fat cheese or the Arla protein cheese, I will try it with Arla next, that would save 17SP total, so worth giving it a go.  

But yeah, it was delicious, I know some people have cauliflower cheese a a side with their dinner but for me it's a meal on it's own and I'd like to make one with broccoli and cauliflower.  It really was indulgent and I definitely could've used less cheese.

Here's to doing what I can to make today a great day, I survived yesterday and it was a difficult one with Alfie, then on the night mom asking when we were going home.

What shall I cook today to distract me, I'm fancying a lasagne, so we shall see....

Here's to a great day, mwah 

luv ya

Love me xx

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