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Saturday, 3 November 2018

WOW what can be done in a month!

3rd November 2018
Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.  Break the habit, talk about your joys.

I’ve been awake since just before 3am – happy days!  Then my brain started thinking about the chair that’s coming for mom today and the realisation that because it’s on that lifts her up and reclines it’s a whole lot larger than what she has at the moment and our living room is tiny, so it’s probably going to take up a quarter of the room!   I’ve just spent an hour clearing stuff out of there and I think it’ll all be good with a bit of tweaking.  Thankfully I video’d mom on said chair because she’s completely forgotten going to that shop and buying it but I have proof and on it she say’s ‘I like this one Bev” so she can’t say she didn’t.  It’s very difficult dealing with someone who’s mood changes every five minutes but I did manage to get her to walk to the end of our street yesterday with her walker.  She was in pain and it really took it out of her but as I kept saying, she hasn’t been or done anything for so long, it’s like me decided to run a marathon without training, it’s going to be hard.  Slow and steady, a bit at a time and we’ll get there.

Slow and steady, a bit at a time and we’ll get there.  Erm yes, I have written that twice because the first time was about mom, the second time is a reminder to us all, healthy habits don’t appear and stay overnight, they take time, they have to be worked on and we can do it as long as we never give up.

Yep my morning pint of water is on my desk and already half empty, one healthy habit at a time.

I’ve done an online shop to come tomorrow, not a great deal of stuff but sweet potato to try the toast I mentioned yesterday, going to have avocado on mine I think.  I’ve also ordered an aubergine, going to give them another try, not sure what or how but I will try.

The Food Bank emailed me to say we’ve donated another 708 meals, so that’s a running total of 1,404 meals plus 66.2kg of non food items, and I can now confirm we have SMASHED our £1k target that I hoped to achieve when I set up the Justgiving page a month ago, WOW what can be achieved in one month when we work together.  I’m over the moon with those numbers, the foods still coming in which is truly brilliant, the blanket raffle has raised about £250 which again is amazing.  Such generosity from everyone – thank you all.

Anyway it’s 5am now the time my alarm should’ve gone off, so I’m going to go make me some breakfast I think and have half hour to enjoy scrambled eggs, toast and a cuppa before getting ready for my meeting.

Here’s to a very, great day BeYOUtiful, take care of you because you’re important too.

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