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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

What could you do?

21st November 2018
Your thoughts are a steering wheel, steer them to happiness.

A heron followed me to work yesterday, that made me seriously smile, I do love a heron and my day had already started off great with a double yolker egg on my breakfast, it's the simple things that make life worthwhile, if we focus on them it takes our mind of the not so great stuff.  My members were truly on form at their workshop on the morning too.  There was my #3GoodThings before 11am!

On the afternoon my brother popped round for an hour and I got mom writing a Christmas food shopping list, it's important to keep her involved in the conversation or she sulks and trust me no one wants that, it makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere.

I put a gammon joint in the slow cooker and had some for tea with cauliflower and idahoan cheesy gratin bake, it was a packet mix the bake and you could taste the artificialness off it, I wouldn't have that again, but I would like to try and make a healthy version of something similar.  It's the time of year were I want comfort food, good stodgy stuff otherwise I'm just going to keep on eating bread, which is never a good direction to take.  Slices of potatoes, onions, maybe some bacon medallions, or to keep it zero turkey breast steaks.  Layer the ingredients in a casserole dish, cover with stock that would add the salt missing from the bacon too, then cover with lid or foil and cook for a good hour, when cooked uncover, sprinkle with a bit of cheese and pop back in the oven until that cheese melts and goes crispy.  Mmm, nice, I might just need that in my life.   I also fancy liver and onions with fluffy mash potatoes and peas.  Ooo maybe my cooking mojo is coming back, I used to think people were being silly when they said 'I can't be bothered to cook just for me', but I've been the same the last week or so, it seems a lot of washing up for one person, mom just isn't interested in proper food most of the time.  However that's going to stop, I'm getting my cooking mojo back and I'm going to plan a few healthy, tasty meals - it's not Christmas yet! 

My diets been very carb heavy the last week, it needs balancing back out, a little more protein and veggies have gone away almost completely - here's to a day of healthy greens.   

I'll have ham and eggs for breakfast but I'll add some mushrooms and tinned tomatoes to that so I have my first two of my five a day.  That's my tweak of the week sorted for this week, it was water but I have that mastered so now it's to ensure I have at least my 5 a day. What could you tweak to ensure you stay focused on the healthy?

What healthy habit could you introduce?   Maybe using the headspace on the app and doing a few minutes of quiet time, doing the #3GoodThings so you appreciate the good in your life.  Drinking more water, eating your 5 a day, cleaning and tidying up, moving a little bit more, going for a daily walk, cutting down on sugar, disconnecting and unplugging from the world a little earlier at night, adding some fish to your diet, cook a meal from scratch, find a hobby.  What could you do that would help you to feel a little better than you do now.  Maybe you can't feel any better than you do right now, if so, fantastic, what could you do to help someone else feel better then!

Most of us struggle with change but if we embrace it, it's easier.  I'm having to use a Mac this week because my pc has gone to be fixed.  It's so different, everything works in the opposite way, or a different way, silly things like scrolling through a web page, you go the opposite way with the mouse wheel on a Mac than a pc.  It's like wearing your watch and a different wrist, only instead of one change, lots of things are different using a Mac rather than a pc, but after just a day of the changes, I'm finding some of them coming automatically to me without me having to think.  Our brains are clever things and they adapt quickly, quicker if we embrace the change!

Last night in my workshop which used to be called a meeting, my members pointed out we're not in a studio, it's a hall and Weight Watchers (now WW) can call them whatever they want, it'll always be their club.  And that's absolutely true, it doesn't matter what labels are put on things, it's what they actually are that matters.  I'm now called a Wellness Coach, I've been called a coach, leader and lots of other things but ultimately I'm me, heck my names Beverley, some people call me Bev, I could go get my name changed tomorrow, I'd still be the same person, the only way I could become a different version of myself is to change the way I behave, not by changing my name.  

Are you happy with where you are?  If not - MOVE - you're not a tree!  If you're not completely happy with who or what or where you are, start to make changes, don't feel you have to change everything at once, make those tweaks.  Make a plan, start today, don't delay!  I have members joining my meeting now because they know it's madness to wait until the new year, we can do a lot of damage between now and then, 41 days I think it is, ooo 6 weeks, I know I could easily gain a stone in that time if I went into sod it mode, what about you?  

Nah I'm not doing that, from now until my family arrive on the 17th, I'm going to do my best to limit damage and maybe lose a couple more pounds or at the least maintain.

Here's to a wonderful Wednesday, I'm ready for one - are you?

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