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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sort your head out!

4th November 2018
Remember life is tough whatever we weigh, don’t use focusing on your weight as a distraction from facing your real issues! Be brave - be bold - be strong.

I’ve been up ages and messing about on Pinterest and YouTube looking at crochet stuff – I love being middle-aged, I love my slow relaxed life where I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to, except go to work to earn a living but I love to do that too because I have a great job.

Yep today I’ve woke up glad to be me, mom was okay with her chair yesterday, she has reservations and I don’t think she’ll use the mechanical bit when I’m not there but we can try and at least it’s comfortable, plus by moving a cupboard I get to keep her existing chair which I love, think I’ll get the cushion refilled to make it firmer.

What is your November Wellness goal? That’s a question I’ve been asking in my meetings this week, it doesn’t have to be a weight loss or a number it can be anything at all.  For me it is to keep the scales from tipping into the next stone bracket.  Then the next question is what healthy habits do I (we) need to work on to ensure we achieve our goal?

I need to stop eating moms biscuits when she offers them to me and that packet of cheese and onion crisps that finds me just before I go to bed.  I won’t replace the ones that are her when they’ve gone and I’ve ordered mom cheese and onion pom bears instead – I don’t like them much, so can resist.

I’m going to make a roasted vegetable filled ciabatta today I think, we talked about it in the meeting yesterday, I’ll take out some of the bread inside to hollow it out then stuff with the veggies and maybe some cheese!  Breads approx. 6sp per 100g and a 6in French stick is 9SP.

That’s a statement I hear a lot at the scales, oh I wish I had the solution to that.  Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives that focusing on our own health and wellbeing takes a back seat, it’s just another thing we don’t need on our ‘to-do’ list.

You stand in the kitchen looking at a cupboard/fridge full of options but you just ‘can’t be bothered’ and end up having a couple of slices of toast instead because ultimately you just need to eat.

How do we turn this around?  Asking yourself about your WHY in that moment won’t make a damn difference – not in my experience anyway.

What I’m doing at the moment is making healthy choices when I can, when the mood takes me, then when it doesn’t I’m trying not to go crazy, so a couple of slices of toast is exactly that, not followed by another 2 and a bag of crisps plus a pack of biscuits. 

They talk about writing down 3 good things that happen every day, when we try to do this, we overthink it or go into ‘there is no good at the moment’ so maybe make it 3 things I survived!  I resisted the 3rd biscuit, or 3 things I’ll try to do tomorrow.  The thing is we find it easy to dwell on the bad things when we feel low or stressed, we have a tendency to mull over all the crap, so we need to stop doing that and look for the glimmer of light, those 3 things don’t have to be amazing, so for me one will be tonight, when Alfie just came into my office instead of thing ‘bloody hell Alfie, I’m writing my blog and it’s still dark we can’t go walking yet’, I stopped what I was doing and gave him some fuss, a bit of love and said good morning to him, no he’s gone and lay on the landing happy to wait a bit.

See that’s a positive, yesterdays was the chair fit in the living room, I got to keep my other chair and we enjoyed watching the good doctor. 

Remember THOUGHTS are not FACTS, start paying attention to the thoughts you are having, then question them, ask yourself what proof do you have to back up that thought or opinion.  “It always happens to me?” Does it? Does it really or are you being a little bit dramatic?

I don’t have the solution for sorting heads out just like that, neither does google, if I did, I’d start with mine.  I just know I wake up most morning thinking I should lose some weight, then by dinner time when I see the wonderful food that exists in the world, I’d rather eat that than lose weight.  So I’m working on a compromise and trying to strike a balance where I don’t at least gain weight.  I hope you’re doing what works for you too.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my mom wants a drink so I’m off to make one.

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