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Thursday, 21 September 2017

We got this!

21st September 2017
Your life does not get better by change, it gets better by change.

It’s time to be stronger than our strongest excuses!  Time to surround ourselves with those who challenge us, push us and motivate us, we need to be stubborn about our goals and flexible about our methods.  Thank the universe for Smart Points, one great plan, two fantastic approaches, let’s make the rest of this month count.  You in?  If I can survive the last two weeks the we can survive anything and stay on track)

My wet room is complete and amazing it is too, I will be partaking in a shower this morning and going to work clean as a button after my super doper power shower. I can’t find a before photo but trust me the room hadn’t been touched in 20 years, there were tiles half way down the wall as it used to be a kitchen, we’d used it as a utility room, it wasn’t pretty, this was it just after they started;

And this is it now they’ve finished; 

We now officially have a downstairs bathroom!  They too the window out and made it smaller, they built a cupboard round the boiler (I can put my mop bucket in there when I get one), all new doors except the white back door.  They even told me to go fetch my bathroom mirror, towel rail and other accessories and fitted them.   Cannot fault F&M builders in any way, they haven't missed a thing. 

If that wasn’t good enough, my lovely member Nicki bought me and mom a cooked chicken dinner, it was so good, no seriously SO GOOD, I’ve missed my vegetables a lot and I can’t wait to get back to cooking and eating properly.

The sink was plumbed in yesterday but realistically I need to not use it until the worktop has had one more coat of oil and that’s not happening till tomorrow because I haven’t got time today and my man ain’t coming to do anything till tomorrow.  It’s all coming along though, we’ll get there - he’s doing a great job.  The kitchen will look so much better once the plasterer has been on Sunday and sorted my walls.

Oh I almost forgot, if finishing my wetroom wasn’t good enough, they also fixed my front window so it’s all good again now, that doesn’t need replacing.

There will be no workmen in my house today, mom will be pleased, she’ll get a visit from Angie instead who’s much better company.

My house needs a real good clean but again that’s going to have to wait till the weekend because I’ve got a 12 hour day today.

Right I’m sorry but I’m off, I want a good, long shower this morning, test that beast out!  Here’s to a cracking good day, remember we’re in charge of our own outcome!

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