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Thursday, 14 September 2017


14th September 2017
The road to success is always under construction.

Well see that, that’s a line and I’ve drawn so many of them lately, I could make a writing pad…


I'm not even going to pretend that's my plan today because I know I'm not going to do that today, I'm just not being ridiculously bad, I had KFC yesterday but it was all I had all day! 

I just can't get to my cooker, there's a washing machine in front of it, we didn't have running water for half the day, yeah I wasn't even contemplating 'healthy' yesterday, especially as my bestie came and it was her last but one day at work.  Yeah that means it's her last day as a Weight Watcher coach today, I'm so glad I get to keep her in my life as a friend as I'd really miss her if she was only a coach/colleague that I'd never see again.  However I'm also glad she's doing what she needs to do, taking care of number one like I constantly tell my members it's so important to do. 

I had a night off my meetings last night because of the chaos at that is going on at home and I have to say it was surreal, knowing that a 100 yards across the road my meeting was going on, I could see the cars arriving, so we shut the curtains in the end!  I still got to find out how members had done because they tagged me in posts or messaged me.  It was lovely to hear feedback that the covering coach took care of them and did an excellent job.

Ooo my workmen have just turned up so this really is the shortest blog ever.

Catch ya tomo! 

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