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Monday, 11 September 2017

We got this!

11th September 2017
Don’t just be good to others, be good to you!

I woke up to the smell of beef in my slow cooker, left it on all night and now we have dinner ready, thinking mash, veg and a yorkie with it.  That’s food sorted for the day, I need to do a shop but I have nowhere to put anything so we’ll live day to day from the Co-op for the next week or so I reckon.

I’m truly hoping the chaps do turn up this morning to start my wet room, I think I might actually cry if they don’t, but the idea of having a walk in shower and a downstairs toilet before the end of the month really does make me smile, maybe a bit more than having a fully functioning kitchen!  And who thought I’d ever look forward to having clean floors, not me for sure but I can’t wait for the lot to be done so I can get on my hands and knees and give the floors a good scrub. 

I also want to get properly back on track, I’m not eating badly but I’m not on plan as I’d like to be because the foods I want to cook need more space in the kitchen to prepare.   It’ll all be worth it in the end – so they keep reminding me anyway.

I’ve got lots of office work to keep me busy whilst they do whatever it is they’ll be doing.

I miss my veggies, that sounds daft doesn’t it, but I do, a big plate of cabbage, mmm, I wonder if the coop has any, I could have that with my beef, that’d been so good mixed in with the gravy and mash, I could just eat that for breakfast if I’m honest and I just might!

There’s so much going on in my head and my house at the moment, I’m not paying attention to my food, so that’s my plan today, whatever else is going on, I’m going to make a delicious meal and be more aware of what I’m eating.  I’ve already drunk a pint of water so that’s a good start.

Yesterday’s diet was a sausage sandwich then a bowl of apple crumble with a bit of squirty cream, that’s hardly a good balanced diet is it, so yes I will be drawing a very thick line this morning and trying to lose another pound before my area meeting on Saturday.

Yeah let’s do this, we got this BeYOUtiful, the temperature is starting to drop and it’s getting to that time of year where soups and stews are going on the menu, I like this time of year for food if not the weather.

Have a great day…

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