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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tidying up my act!

26th September 2017
I can’t think of any better representation of BeYOUtiful than someone who is unafraid to be themselves.
Well how about this, I’d just been on Pinterest looking for slow cooker recipes then I went to save my word document and it asked me if I wanted to replace the document 26th September 2016, I’d accidently typed 2016 in today’s blog rather than 2017, so I said no obviously but then went to look at what was happening this day last year and low and behold I’d posted this slow cooker recipe, which saves me continuing my search because it does sound delicious, I’ll be doing this at some point I reckon.  

Slow Cooker Hunters Chicken
Serves 4, (9sp per portion with cheese topping)

4 chicken breasts (6sp)
8 slices of streaky bacon (15sp) (2 chicken per breast)
88g Cheese (for topping) 22g of Cathedral city mature lighter - per person is 2sp each

To make BBQ sauces
5 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (4sp)
3 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (2sp)
1 tsp mustard powder
250g passata
2 cloves garlic crushed
3 tbsp sweetener


Wrap chicken breasts in bacon, make bbq sauce in a bowl, pour a little of the sauce in the bottom of slow cooker.  Add chicken, pour over rest of sauce, and then cook on low or 6-8 hours.  Add cheese 1 hour before end of cooking.

Yesterday was a good day, my house is now clean and tidy (well other than my office that is – I’ll get there), I had an angel come help me – truly grateful, all my laundry has been done and it feels really good sitting down in a living room with clean windows you can see through and no building dust to write in on any surfaces!  No to just get my kitchen finished off so I can get my stuff in the cupboards and get sorted and organised in there too.

Even my ironing has been done thanks to a very generous offer off Angie, she only took my shirts home, I couldn’t believe how quick she did them either, I’m beginning to think maybe I need a new, decent iron because mines not very good at all.

Foodwise my breakfast was immense;
Check that bad boy out, it was so delicious and filling I did eat again till about five and I made my 10 Smart Point tea in under 5 minutes, chicken, chips, peas and gravy, all microwaved apart from the gravy which used the kettle.  I do love those McCains microwave chips, perfectly portioned. 

No to start my week of meetings, I would say start my working week but that never ends, I worked yesterday, there’s always paperwork or phone calls to have, I had a lovely conversation with a potential new coach on the phone too, I love chatting to people who are as passionate about Weight Watchers as I am, especially when they realise it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about getting your happy back, yeah it was a lovely chat.

Here’s to another day on track BeYOUtiful, we’re making the rest of this month, the best of this month.  

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