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Saturday, 3 September 2016

What's your favourite story?

3rd September 2016

It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you - if you allow it.

We all go through moments where we're overwhelmed and underprepared, lost in deadlines and duties, and when things don't go to plan, we get frustrated, sometimes we get angry and anger has a way of spilling over onto others.  Most of us are good people who have really bad days and our anger towards others is ultimately directed at ourselves.  We also try to stop that anger rather than acknowledge and control it, and how do we do that - we eat!  We try to distract ourselves from the fact that we are feeling overwhelmed by life and we eat, after all if we have a weight problem to worry about, we don't have to focus on all the other things in life causing us grief.  There's a thought to start your day on...

Here's another thought - what story are you telling yourself?  Mine lately has been wine helps me cope with moms dementia - #bullshit by the way is what that is, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference, I cope, actually we both cope really well with it every day, all day long and I don't have a glass of wine before the evening so that theory is just rubbish.  I even managed to get wound up last week about how she kept constantly commenting about Emma Willis's dress after every ad break and every time came back on the screen, and I'd had plenty of wine that night, it wasn't helping me cope one little bit!  Once I realised this, I've now gone back to accepting that I just like to drink wine, I don't need a reason!  What rubbish are you allowing yourself to believe, what story are you telling yourself.  Is it "I can't do....." or something else.

My mates lost 6lb on 6 weeks but yesterday as I sat in her meeting listening to her conduct her meeting, interacting with her members, I noticed the difference in her is so much more than physical, you can see she's lost some weight, but it's more than that, her postures changed, she's beaming, yep she's definitely different, in a confident, positive, kind of way and it's good to see. 

I enjoyed sitting there as a member again too and I came out feeling good, one because I had stuck to the tracking all week even though it wasn't always pretty and also I'd lost 2lb, it may have been the 2lb I gained the week before, but hey, it's off and that's what I plan to do with a few more of them.  The main things that are going to help me are honest tracking even when it's ugly and going to my meeting every week. 
After the meeting we went to the new dessert shop in Aldridge called Sweet, I sat and watched everyone eat waffles, I'm not a fan luckily so managed to resist, I saved myself for a curry on the night, and a good one it was too, 14sp Chicken Dopiaza and it was reduced to 87p on the whoopsie counter - result. 

I'm changing my story this week, I'm telling myself I can do this, I will track as its making me think and realise where I'm wasting points, it's helping me say no to some things.  I'm still not being perfect and that's okay, when I step on those scales next Friday whatever they say, I'll know my healthy eating habits are improving and I'm taking back my power, no more being a victim in my own story, I wanna be the heroine.  What character do you want to be BeYOUtiful?

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