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Friday, 23 September 2016

What eating habits are you not happy with?

23rd September 2016
Don't let the concept of change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy!

Good morning! Waking up in the dark, I'm not too sure about that, on a positive though I get to watch the sunrise every morning now which is one of my favourite things for sure and autumn sunrises and sunsets are usually pretty spectacular!
My Kirsty's ready meal wasn't bad yesterday, although I won't lie, I wouldn't buy it again, so it wasn't that spectacular really was it.  I picked up a pack of beef mince last night because it was a half price whoopsie and I'm going to do a slow cooker thing with it today, keep it simple I reckon, mince, potatoes, onions and carrots and some oxos leave it all day and that's my dinner sorted when I get back from my meeting tonight.   I've also got a chicken my sister gave me that should've defrosted, I'm going to cook that this morning for lunch.  That's my eating sorted anyways!

I was asked a good question yesterday "What eating habits are you not happy with?"  Now think about it for a moment, that was in the middle of a conversation but it's such a good question for you to ask yourself, especially if you're struggling to "do it", by do it I mean stay on a weight loss plan, those are usually the words members usually use in the meeting, "I just can't do it!", when what they really probably mean is "I just can't do 'life' at the moment' it's not the weight loss plan I'm struggling with is everything! 

I like the idea of instead of stressing about losing weight, especially when you're overwhelmed by other things, you hone in and ask yourself "What eating habits are you not happy with?" Then you can take one of them and work on that.    It might not even be your eating habits, it might be some other habit that's concerning your more.   Sometimes it's as easy as losing the "I can't have" mentality, tell yourself "I don't want" instead, that's usually the truth too, you don't want it because it's making your gain weight, the pleasure is short, the pain is lengthy.  Think about it!

Mmm what else might it be?  Could it be that you eat whilst distracted, we're all guilty of that one really, you're preoccupied with the tv, texting, facebook, internet, working, heck even driving, why's it not a great habit?  Because it causes you to eat faster, eat more and it makes it difficult to remember how many Smart Points you've consumed!  Yeah it's a good habit to get into, eating mindfully.

Do you put too much on your plate which means you're eating too much, not the best eating habit, one of the main reasons we have the weight problem, could the solution be as simply as changing the since of your plan?  We typically eat 92% of what's on our plate, seeing an empty plate makes our brain think we're full.  Research suggests that switching from a 12in plate to a 10in plate can help you cut up to 500 calories a week - wowsers.  That could lead to a weight loss of 1lb a week!

You might really struggle with emotional eating or certain triggers, boredom perhaps, or just because foods there!  If you can identify what makes you eat outside of your planned meals, you can find new ways to manage those situations and your emotions, knowledge is power.  If you know what you're doing, you can work out why you're doing it, then look at making changes. 

So there's just a few things that you might not be happy with, but I'd suggest you think about the question today "What eating habits are you not happy with?" 

Because if you are really serious about losing weight, you need to be completely honest with yourself about what you're eating.  To this end, I intend to write down exactly what I'm consuming for the upcoming week and at times why, not in a bid to lose weight but to get back to me, to understand where I am in my life right now regarding my eating habits and behaviours.  Then I will ask myself that question again this time next week because yesterday my answer was, "nothing, I'm good".  I need to work out if I really am or I'm just fooling myself.

What do you need to do BeYOUtiful?

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