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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How busy are you?

28th September 2016
When you wake up in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive.

Everyone's so busy!  I particularly noticed it yesterday after asking a question in my group, sadly the busy is usually work related!  I get we all have to work and I understand that these days employees expect more of us and our wages don't seem to cover our bills but it just makes me sad to think we're all losing that work / life balance.  It's so easy to get consumed by making a living we forget to make a life!

The sunset was amazing last night did you see it?  I had to keep stopping my car to take photos on my way home, it was incredible, and as I drove round the last corner there was a chap walking his dog, looking at his phone, completely oblivious of what was happening above him, he missed out there.  Don't be like that chap, don't miss out on the things going on around you!

Twice in my life I've took pay cuts, the first time it was one of the most difficult thing I ever did, taking that jump from a well paid job with a car allowance to a job where I wasn't guaranteed any wage at all and only had 2 meetings a week, that first few months I probably earned what I'd have got on the dole, but I was happy, I'd got my life back.  I'd been working 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week in a job I no longer enjoyed, I had debt on a credit card that meant I couldn't leave and a mom I wanted to take care of and keep her in the way she'd become accustomed too.  I realised she would rather live a little less well off than have a miserable daughter, I learnt to ask myself the question "Do I want or do I need?" that saved me so much money.  I started to shop in Kwik Save (Lidl's of the past!) and cook from scratch to save money.  I found my happy again and got me a job I enjoyed going to again, I still do! 

This year I had to make changes again, that job I love so much had started to take up too much of my time, if I wasn't at work, I was shattered, that's no way to live at all, I needed the balance back so I tweaked my hours and thanks to the new system we have in place too, I'm doing less hours and I'm started to feel the benefit of it at last. 

There's nothing worse than being exhausted all the time, not having any time to do things you enjoy, or take care of yourself.  It's not the best environment for a healthy and happy you!

I used to overwork and save all year round for a holiday to escape my life, now I have no desire to escape my life, I'm happy with a day trip somewhere for a nice walk and sleeping in my own comfy bed knowing my mom's happy and comfy in the room next door.

As long as I can pay my bills and afford to eat, I don't need the latest phone or a new car without the dents and scratches mine has.  I no longer buy my clothes from the more expensive shops, I wait for Sainsbury's to have its 25% off and they're just fine, this way of living is working for me just fine and because of it I get to spend lots of hours with mom doing nothing and we love to do nothing together!

Today, I shall mostly be doing a bit of work in my office, giving my bro a lift to the hospital and nipping to the shop for milk before heading off to see my members tonight, you know what, that's a damn good day in my world, I think I'll cook a nice dinner too, not sure what yet though.

Right I'm off, have a great day, focus of the healthy and happy BeYOUtiful, make this a life you want to live not have to live xx

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