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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

If I stop, how will.....

27th September 2016
You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way!
How to stay motivated?  The million dollar question that is isn't it.  Or how to get motivated in the first place?  I don't have a magic answer I'm afraid, it's different for everyone and you have to find ways that work for you.  Sticking to anything long term that isn't your norm takes effort, anything worth having takes effort.  If you are struggling to stay with your weight loss plan, here are some simple questions to ask yourself;

If I stop, how will I look in six months or one year from now?
If I stop, how will I feel in six months or one year from now?
If I stop, what will my health be like?
If I stop, how will my family and friends be affected?

I know my answer to the first one is definitely BIGGER, when I'm not keeping an eye on what I'm eating, I gain weight because I like to eat, even when I'm not tracking or 100% on plan, I still monitor what I'm eating because it's too easy not to. 

Please answer all four of those questions, answer them honestly too, it's too easy to pretend nothing will change.

If you have done well so far and feeling a bit stuck, go clear out your wardrobe, get rid of those clothes that no longer fit you, sell them on ebay and buy yourself a new outfit with the profit.

Stop giving so much power to the numbers on the scales, focus on the feeling, how do you feel since you've lost some weight, more energetic maybe?  How's your mood after you've eaten a healthy meal as opposed to a plate full of junk?  How do you feel after  you've taken a good walk round the block and got yourself some fresh air?  Focusing on the feel good feelings will encourage you to keep doing those things.

With Christmas on its way and all those parties around the corner you will find yourself invited too, do you have a favourite "outfit" in mind you want to wear?  If so hang it where you can see it, that's another way to keep your motivation going, if you can see it, you can visualise it.

Work on silencing that inner critic, he/she's a bitch and self-criticism isn't a good way to motivate yourself, it's more likely to sabotage your efforts than encourage you, believe it or not it can cause cravings for fatty and sweet foods and that's scientifically proven, so stop it please.  The next time you start to criticise yourself, put your hand on your heart, hold it there, take a few deep breathes and say you're okay. Silence that negative voice in your head. 

You're amazing because you want to make changes to be healthier!

Get healthy in the house!  You can't eat what's not there! Usually when I write or say that I mean you can't eat junk if you don't buy it but today I also mean you can't eat fruit if it's not there either.  I ate fruit on Saturday because it was in front of me at my meeting, I haven't done that at home in weeks because there isn't any.  Guess what I'm buying today?  Change your environment to reflect your intentions, put your walking shoes/trainers where you can see them, have the fruit bowl on the sie, healthy snacks in the cupboards, live like you're already healthy and in control.

Last but not least, don't forget your WHY!  List your reasons for wanting to lose weight, keep your why close by as they say at Weight Watchers, if you don't know why, you're less likely to succeed.

If you're still struggling to do it 100%, break it down, set yourself smaller goals, to focus on, like today decide you'll drink 2 litres of water, or walk for 20 minutes, or ensure you eat your five a day.  Break it down into doable tasks...

For most people losing just 5% of their body weight is enough to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  There's a whole list of other benefits from weight loss too, but today let's just focus on the fact every person I weigh that loses weight ends up smiling, that's plenty enough reason for me, so today my goal is to ensure I get my 5 a day, that's my challenge and I'm going to buy some fruit.  What you going to do BeYOUtiful?  

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