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Saturday, 17 September 2016

You should focus on failing!

17th September 2016
Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Today's meditation asked me the question "Is your happiness dependent on your goal?" My response was a resounding NO!  What would your response be?  We can get so wrapped up in this thing called weight loss that it consumes us and it shouldn't.  It's so important to find that balance between treating it importantly enough but not letting it take over our every thought.  

I've noticed if a member is too focused on it to the point of obsessed when the fall they fall spectacularly! 

If we understand how important our goals are and what direction we're going in, no matter what happens along the way we respond to it skilfully so we stay on course, so remember don't stress it, enjoy it, you can do this. 

Another thought I quite like is should you focus on succeeding or focus on failing? 

Apparently the best way to improve your self control is to see how and why you lose control.  Knowing you are likely to give in doesn't set you up for failure, it allows you to support yourself and avoid the traps that lead to willpower failures. 

Willpower doesn't last!  You need to be able to predict when, where and why you're likely to fail, then you can be prepared...

This is why it's great to keep a food and mood diary, don't just write down what you eat, it's easy to track when we're "in the zone", not so easy when we're off track and overeating, but by doing that and asking yourself that question "Why?"  Food does affect our mood, 'Mind' the mental health organisation have an entire booklet dedicated to it.

Following why you go off track, what makes you "fail", what are your triggers, I really do like this idea because we can't solve a problem if we don't know what the problem is.  It's not always what we think it is either, that's quite surprising but unless we're willing to take a good look at ourselves, then we'll have to settle with 'ignorance is bliss', we know that's not really true though.  It's too easy to just say "Oh I'm just greedy", or "I just have no willpower" they aren't the real reasons we're overeating because if that was true, how would we have weeks where we successfully stay on track and lose weight, what happened to the greedy, lacking willpower version of us that week?  MMm weird yeah, that's telling me that it isn't either of those reasons that cause us to fail on our weight loss journeys, it's something deeper.  So be brave, dare to dig and delve into the real reasons, dare to ask yourself, "what really is the matter?", "Why am I overeating?", "What do I get from overeating?", these kind of difficult questions give us the best results.  Once we know, we can address the issues, until we do, we'll continue to play that off again, on again game and it's not a nice game because we always come out feeling like the loser!

 What is they say - change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Happy Saturday BeYOUtiful, here's to being aware this weekend as  well as trying to stay on track ;)

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