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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Because everyone needs time out!

18th September 2016

Your time as a caterpillar has expired - your wings are ready!

Had a cracking afternoon yesterday, after a brill meeting on the morning where there were plenty of giggles and even more weight loss, I went for my massage before going off for lunch with my bestie.

We walked the 1.5 miles to the Old Mitre pub at Essington, building up an appetite, earning those Fit Points for lager!  We enjoyed a starter of garlic mushrooms on Ciabatta with stilton, I'd guestimate that at 10sp maximum, it was good, then I had to sample the burger as it was either the lunch menu to chose from or a limited selection of the main menu yesterday, can't wait for their new menu to come out.  Lynne had the bean burger which she said was very nice and I had the 6oz with blue and mushroom, good.  Served on a brioche bun which I'm not a huge fan of but I let that go, I'd rather a burger bun myself, brioche are a bit sweet for me, the burger and bun without the topping is approx 11sp, then my blue cheese would've been another 3sp.  The chips are amazing!  Every handful will set you back 8sp, so I'd say about 10sp would cover them, worth every point, I'd love a chip butty in there tbh, that would be epic but not on a brioche bun :).  The onion rings are 1sp each, and the homemade coleslaw is great, not too much mayo on at all, 2sp would cover it.  So my main was approx 29sp as I had 3 onion rings on my plate, mmmm!  Delicious food, well worth the walk.  Puddings not something I do often because I'd rather have a drink or I'm usually full, plus they're delicious at the time but make me feel sick after when I'm stuffed but they only had my favourite Bread and Butter Pudding on the menu, oh yeah!  They kindly let us have one between the two of us and gave me a jug of custard and Lynne a jug of cream (B&B pudding & cream - she's weird!) and it was amazing, I'd defo go back just for pudding with mom one of the days and not bother with mains so we could both enjoy. 

 Lynne's bean burger

Eventually we were sated and ready to walk back home, I knew there was a way through the fields but I'd only done it once years ago, but what the heck, famous last words, I knew as soon as we were hundred yards along the public footpath it was going in the wrong direction and we'd end up doing 2 miles rather than 1.5 miles but what the heck, I love the countryside and there were horses in the field so I just kept saying "this way" and Lynne kept saying "I thought this was a short cut"!

Finally got home with 15,000 steps on the fitbit and enjoyed the rest of the day with mom and the tele, although there wasn't much on that to be fair, Saturday tele = rubbish!  

Oh I suppose I should guestimate the bread and butter pudding, I'd like to say 3sp :) but it wasn't it was more like 13sp (compared to a waitrose version), it was a really light tasting dish rather than full of stodge, so add 7sp for custard and you've got a totally worth it 20sp pudding! 

I'm really looking forward to their new menu, they even do gluten free meals, fish and chips for starters - what's not to love about that if you are gluten intolerant, they have a separate fryer, so spread the word!

Well Lynne's still asleep downstairs, moms happy with her cuppa and I'm thinking what's for breakfast, egg on toast I reckon with mushrooms maybe and possibly bacon, ooo yeah, that sounds like a plan, I could be convinced to do No Count today.

Whatever you're doing, focus on the happy & healthy, I actually left food on my plate yesterday, I didn't eat just for the sake of eating, those chips were to die for but I left a couple, I remember a time I wouldn't have been able to do that, I'd have forced them down no matter how full I was.  My how far I've come lol!

Smile BeYOUtiful, it's Sunday xx

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