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Friday, 2 September 2016

Please do not feed the leader!

2nd September 2016
A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.

Yesterday I survived!  I don't mean I went to bed alive, I mean all the temptations that are the obstacles standing in your way on the way to a weight loss.  It really is like an assault course, things, people, situations all there trying to trip you up, lead you the wrong way, send you back in the opposite direction.

It started within minutes of me getting to work, so I'm talking half seven in the morning!  My lovely helper Louise announced she'd bought a fresh packet of French fries so we'd be okay for out Thursday night treat, straight away that was going to wipe 2sp off my daily allowance!  Now don't get me wrong I love nothing more than the odd packet of salt and vinegar French fries but snacks are not something I buy, they don't bother me, if I buy a bag of crisps once in a blue moon that my lot, mainly because I can't do multipacks!  Multipacks in my house start to go off the minute they're opened so the whole pack is gone in under 24 hours, I have no control so I don't buy them.  Moms allowed quavers, wotsits and skips because I can resist them, they don't float my boat.  Now she used to bring me a packet once every few months but suddenly it's every week, I suddenly realised this and because my leader has me tracking everything (I don't like her much this week if I'm honest, she's annoying and making me face the reality that is what I'm eating, I know it's for my own good, blah blah blah, but I'll keep my bit of resentment for now thank you, it's helping!) Anyway back to the French fries, I realised I'd got to track them and it would take away from my allowance so I said, "Louise don't give me a packet, I haven't planned them into my day and it won't help me lose weight".  Phew I'd done it, said no, refused, taken the opportunity away from me.  One obstacle avoided.

Within 5 minutes my other helper Sheila walks over with a packet of blueberries (good) and a packet of lentil curls (not so good), again , here I am being handed 2sp of crisps, I don't need and if I'm honest I don't really want but because I'm a born greedy bitch, a part of me want them, a) because they're crisps b) because I've not tried these ones c) because they're free!  I once again realise all these things, have a little internal dialogue with myself, argue a, b and c, but then argue back with my "I'm on track" voice that a) they're only bloody crisps, I can have crisps anytime, b) it's not even 8 in the morning and I've just had breakfast, c) they'll taste like any other crisp and d) free! So it's not like I can't afford to buy a bag of crisps woman, get a grip!  I then said, "Thanks for the blueberries, but I don't want the crisps thanks", she tried to continue with her generosity telling me they were only a few points but I stood my ground because again they were a few points I hadn't planned on eating. 

The last hurdle of the morning came at 11 when one of my lovely members bought me a packet of pork crunch, she's been doing this for a while now because she knows I like them and also I can't buy multipacks.  Now up until this week I've been opening them instantly, my inner greedy bitch ripping the back apart like a rabid dog who hasn't eaten in days!  Not yesterday, instead I scanned them, saw they were 3sp and decided I would save them for my evening treat.  I couldn't refuse them because they really are good!  I smiled when I got home on the night as my mom had half saved me from myself buy eating most of the packet ;) she thought I'd told her to eat them.  I'm glad she did because just the 4 or 5 she left did the trick just as much as the full packet would have.

7 Smart Points I would've wasted had I said yes to all those offers, that's how easy it is to overeat in this world and how difficult it is to refuse.  Louise and Sheila both look a little hurt when I declined their kindness, on the night my other helper Michelle offered to buy me a packet of bakes too, so that would've took it up to 9sp which as everyone who knows me knows in my house is the equivalent of half bottle of red wine and I know where I'd rather spend my points.

Temptation is everywhere and as difficult as it is to say no, it can be done really quickly and the moments passed.  Do that enough times and it gets easier, the more you do it, the easier it gets.  Then once a week you get to step on those damn scales and hear that annoyingly 'right' leader say "YAY, you've lost .....lbs" Suddenly, I love my annoying leader and realise she's only looking out for me.

Now I've been saying YES way too much lately, August wasn't a good month weight loss wise, the scales were going up the wrong way, I'm hoping September they'll be going back down, I'll keep reminding myself of why I started and stop messing about!  How about you - what's your plan, do you want to be a Yes person or a No thank you person.  The choice is yours BeYOUtiful, choose wisely. xx

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