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Monday, 19 September 2016

Ooo it's Monday and raining...

19th September 2016
We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Is your happiness dependent on your goal? That was the question I was asked in today's meditation, it then went on to say that very often when we have a specific goal or dream its really easy to get so wrapped up in that, that our entire sense of identity and self worth becomes that, it's as though our very happiness depends on that outcome.  The problem with this is it starts to affect us because it's simply too much pressure.  There's just no way we can relax if there's that much pressure on us, whether than pressure is coming from inside or outside, it doesn't really matter, if we feel as though our happiness and our sense of self worth, our identify is dependent on the outcome then there's no way we can perform at our best.

Worth thinking about that, he was on about sport, but that could apply to any goal, and of course in my blogs case a weight loss goal!  I've always said you can be happy at any weight and then once your happy and focusing on the healthy, the weight loss becomes a side effect.  Of course remember that over-eating and weight gain is usually a symptom of another existing issue that you need to identify and work on, otherwise you'll never be free of the cause of the overeating.

Anyway moving on, I have to say we giggle a lot in my meetings and on Saturday we giggled quite a lot, especially when Karen suggested we try her recipe "Ginger Minge", yes that's what it's called, I wasn't even remotely surprised by its name because this is the woman who gave me the Condom Chicken recipe many moons again, we I have to share because it does sound really good, I need to add it to my "to eat" list, so here's the recipe;

Ginger Minge
Total 37sp, serves 4 at 9sp each

500g Extra lean pork mince (16sp)
Lots of chopped garlic (4-6 cloves)
Lots of chopped fresh ginger - 2 good thumb sized pieces.
75mls Soy sauce (3sp)
75 mls sweet chilli sauce (10sp)
2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter (8sp)
Finely sliced strips of pepper, carrots, onion (anything you fancy).

Serve with egg noodles or rice (6sp per portion)

Stir fry the veg for a min or two & set aside.

Cook noodles, drain & set aside.

Brown the mince, then the garlic & Ginger

Add rest of ingredients, stir fry until everything is mixed in and veg are cooked to your liking. Serve & enjoy.

Works with lamb mince but not great with beef mince.

And just in case you haven't seen the condom chicken one, here it is;

Condom Chicken
Serves 1, 9 smart points (10pp)

165g Chicken breast
1tbsp (28g) low fat soft cheese
60g dried rice, cooked as per instructions.

Place a medium chicken breast between two pieces of cling film and batten out with a rolling pin until it is the same thickness all the way along the breast. Season with salt & pepper. Keeping the meat on the cling film spread the centre of the flattened out chicken breast with a table spoon of low fat soft cheese (e.g. Philadelphia Light with garlic & herbs or use plain & add your own garlic and a few pinches of mixed dried herbs).

Using the cling film tuck in the ends of the chicken and roll up the chicken along its length to form a long sausage shape so that the cream cheese filling is completely sealed in. Tightly roll up both ends of the cling film (like a Christmas cracker) so that the chicken is completely sealed and water tight. Poach the condom in gently boiling water for 10 mins or until the chicken is cooked through. Carefully remove from the water and drain, then open up the condom to reveal your condom chicken. You can brown the chicken at this stage if you wish using a calorie controlled oil spray in a frying pan until the condom chicken takes on some colour. When cut through the creamy garlic filling should ooze out. Serve with rice.

Yesterday I made a video showing how to use the Weight Watcher kitchen scales as a member had asked me for a demonstration, you can find it here;

As it's raining today, I might just spend an hour or two cleaning and clearing my office, it's got to the point where I can barely get in the room let alone get anything on the desk!  It's time...

Right here's to a great day, to focusing on the healthy and happy, to aiming for that goal but not making your entire life about that goal BeYOUtiful, you have so much more to focus on xx

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