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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Elimination diet anyone?!

6th September 2016
You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away. 

Isn't it typical that the mornings you don't have to get up you can't sleep and the mornings you do, you could stay there another hour!  Either way, I'm up and meditation done, it's a year on the 22nd since I started doing that every morning and I'm still going it, I'm impressed as it's easier to give something up than to keep it going!

My plan had been to stay home and chill all day yesterday, we ended up going for a bit of a drive though because I was expected a delivery I needed and it never turned up so I had to go buy the stuff again!  Bless the dog, when we both got ourselves ready and the car keys he ran off upstairs as if to say, I'm not doing what we did yesterday again!  No, he wasn't up for another long walk, so that meant we could have a coffee and mom got a slice of cake whilst we were out, I sat and drank my tea.

I wasn't that hungry yesterday although I thought I was starving when I woke up, ended up having a caramelised onion and cheese tart with salad for my tea, it wasn't very big and cost me 14 Smart Points, this is the price I'm having to pay for shopping hungry on Sunday and not pointing anything that went in my basket, I'm dreading what the points might be in the other stuff in the fridge, damn those meal deals!

I'm still tracking it all though even if it isn't pretty and trust me, it isn't pretty but I'm getting there slowly as long as the scales aren't going up anymore I'm happy, I've got maintenance sussed that's for sure, now all I need them to do is change the BMI charts so it's the right weight!

I've got to cook something with chicken breasts today as I left the freezer slightly open and they were starting to defrost when I noticed, I'm thinking a casserole with potatoes, carrots and onions and oxo, keep it simple, I do like simple food that's easy to cook and delicious.  Recipes with only a handful of ingredients, they're the best and usually the cheapest too. 

It's 5.35am, it's Tuesday, the radio just told me, it's also the 6th September, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, it's ridiculous, 109 days to Christmas and I've just decided I'm going to start getting ready for it, I always leave it to the last minute, but I'm going to start thinking about gifts so my head doesn't explode in the rush.  It's only 15 weeks, not that long. 

From a weight loss point of view though, that's anything from half stone to 2 stone depending on how dedicated you're prepared to be! Mmm now there's a question, how dedicated are you prepared to be, are you in a rush, or are you happy to plod along.  These are the questions you need to be contemplating as you plan your meals for the day ahead, as you write your shopping list for the week, or don't as was my case.

I'm be online shopping next time I think, probably can go till middle of next week without anything other than bread and fresh, I've got way too much food AGAIN in my kitchen!
Anyway, I'm waffling this morning and aware I have a meeting to get ready for, hence the reason I get up so early, it allows for the waffling and I don't have to rush, that's how I like my life these days, unhurried and as stress free as possible.  I surround myself with positivity, I like to follow what I call the elimination diet, it works a treat too, all you have to do is remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry.  Then watch your health and life improve BeYOUtiful, I have.

Happy Tuesday, here's to making today a treat xx

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