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Monday, 12 September 2016

I'm going to have a good day - are you?

12th September 2016
You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.

I made the best stew yesterday, I'm not the best stew maker but when it's right there's just not enough of it!  The entire pan was eaten - oops!  At least my day was No Count ;) mom had a bowl too.  Such a simple meal, 400g diced beef, 500g diced potato, couple of carrots and onions and I added 6 oxos!  I like rich and thick, covered it with just enough water and cooked on the hob on low for hours.  5 ingredients of delicious and that's what we're going to be looking at in the meeting this week, easy cooking.  

There's nothing worse than looking at a recipe and seeing a long list of ingredients - we want simple, cheap, easy to cook, few ingredients meals that taste delicious and of course help us lose weight!  It's proven that with Weight Watchers you can lose 8 times more weight than trying to do it alone and part of that is because we share ideas, so I'm really looking forward to sharing lots of them this week.

We had a lovely chilled out day yesterday, sat up the garden chatting with mom and reading, walked the dog a little, tidied up the garden a bit, managed to earn me 7 fit points too.  I made it through the weekend, all tracked and accounted for, I've just done the math and using my FitPoints and all my weeklies, I'm on -2, can I make it through the week within my allowance?  We shall see, I can but do my best and believe I can do it.  I'll be thinking before eating, I'm impressed my snacking was controlled, 1 packet of pork crunch and 1 babybel light.  I can do this - so can you!

I know it's helping that I'm taking time out for me, I love my work but I need time out and reading is really helping me do that, I can't believe I've got two books on the go at once, check me out!  Having said that, I need to do a few hours of walk this morning, might ask mom if she fancies a drive though, go enjoy a walk at Weston Park maybe with Alfie, get her a nice slice of cake.

What to eat today, mmm, need to go check out the freezer, I know there's salmon in there and chicken, need low pointed meals today if I plan to stay within my 30sp day!  I can do that, just get my thinking cap on, cup of tea and a mooch in the kitchen.  I will get a weight loss this week - will you?

Yeah let's decide right here, right now that today will be an awesome one, let's aim towards that loss, staying on track, saying no to temptation, saying yes to good healthy grub and smiling!

Happy Monday, I'm off to grab it with both hands - are you?

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