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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What's preventing your from achieving your goal?

20th September 2016
Don't make a habit of choosing what feels good over what is actually good for you.
So today's meditation asked me "what's preventing your from achieving your goal?"  That's a big question and one that needs longer than a ten minute meditation to work out.  There was the obvious answers like wine and eating too much, but then if I continue to think about it, I can come up with other things. 

Obstacles and challenges arrive along the way and it's easy to get lost because of them, instead there's the opportunity to see that they aren't separate but actually part of the journey, then we have the opportunity for them to work with us rather than against us.  We never know what might happen along the way but if we have an understanding of where we're heading we always have something to come back to and remember there is no time limit on achieving your goals.

I'm going to spend more time focusing on what takes me off track, what are those things that get in the way so that I can get prepared for those times these challenges are likely to rise up. 

Tiredness is one of the biggest obstacles for me and it's true that lack of sleep does affect your eating habits, so I need to ensure I go to bed at a reasonable time because I get up at 4.30am on work days, I need to remind myself of this!  What are your obstacles?

I've done something about one of my other challenges which was not having a work/life balance, I've changed my hours a little, dropped a couple of classes so I'm back to 12 rather than 14 which was just not leaving me any spare time at all.  I actually now have time to do NOTHING, I love it, I spent yesterday afternoon doing exactly that, once I'd cooked lunch, I sat on my backside and did nothing, it was bliss.  As long as I can pay my bills, all is good in my world, I don't need a big tv or a flash car, I'll stick with my dented, scratched Zafira did she doesn't drive no more!

Just thinking about other obstacles and challenges and will continue to do so throughout the week, it's not just the ones that are there now and again is it, it's the ones that pop up occasionally like being offered dessert after you've eaten your meal in a pub or someone suggesting a takeaway after a bad day at work!   I'm going to make it my mission to notice all the times I'm tempted or trip up, then I can work out ways to handle them the next time they happen.

Mmm, Tuesday's for me are like most people's Mondays, they're the first day I have to go to work since Saturday, yes I did some work yesterday but at my desk in my pj's at my own pace isn't quite the same as getting up at half four and knowing you need to have a shower and wake up, but do I put the heating on for the first time today, I'm sitting in a woolly cardigan at the moment.  My brains not quite woken up yet either, I've just drank my first pint of water but thinking about a big mug of tea, eggs for breakfast I reckon or maybe a bacon and egg sarnie, mmm yeah with tomatoes, nice!

I'm off to get all that sorted, here's to tracking Tuesday, writing it all down, making sure we are within our allowance and noticing those challenges and obstacles along the way.  And as I said on my Facebook page last night - Life doesn't come with a manual. There is no right or wrong, do your best, realise it's not always good but when it is - that makes up for the crap - it's okay not to be okay BeYOUtiful xx

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