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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Be the reason someone smiles today!

21st February 2015
It's not your job to like me - it's mine!
Well I sit here with a little bit of a heavy heart this morning after reading a long thread on Facebook where someone is in my opinion being a bit hurtful about another and also "fattist", I'm not going to go into detail because I don't want to fuel the fire but I personally do not think you should judge someone on their weight! I may be wrong but I'm hoping my members would agree with me that my ability to be their Weight Watchers leader has not declined because I gained some weight in 2014?   I believe it's my mind, my brain and my personality that gives me the ability to motivate people to lose weight and give them the knowledge they need to do it!  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you disagree, but I know if I needed an operation and the surgeon was "very overweight", it wouldn't make my think I'd prefer a thin version, they'd do it much better!?  

If someone isn't very good at their job, then I would think that has more to do with their ability than their weight.  It disappoints me to read/hear/see such awful negativity when we should all be pulling together and supporting each other. 

Weight loss is never easy and once you lose it, you're not guaranteed it's staying off, no one has this 'living' sussed, you're always one day away from who knows what! 

I maintained my weight for ten years, then this last 9 months, I'm really struggling, why - who knows, I just am!  It doesn't mean I don't know everything I need to know to lose the weight and it doesn't mean I'm not following the plan as best as I can, it means for whatever reason at this moment in time, I'm struggling to stay on track and lose weight. 

Is being a Weight Watchers leader easy when you feel like that?  For me yeah I think it is because it means I can identify with the majority of members who too are struggling and together we are all supporting each other and celebrating the success of those who are doing really well, knowing that they'll be celebrating our success when it clicks and remembering it's called "Weight Watchers" not "Weight Losers".  And my members have lost almost 4,000lb already in 2015 so something's working.

I believe in a healthy and happy lifestyle and believe it or not you can do that even if you're overweight, you can also be unhealthy and unhappy if you're at what the BMI chart defines as a "normal" weight. 

It's not just about the numbers on a scale, a healthy life is so much more.  I believe a hurtful mouth that comes out of a spiteful mind can't truly be in a healthy and happy place. 

I do my best to always see both sides, if someone is being hurtful or behaving in a way that doesn't appear 'okay' I ask myself why that might be, what's going on in their lives to make them behave in such a way.

So please, if you're reading this and thankfully most of the people that I know read my blog don't think in such a way, but just in case let's remind ourselves, it's isn't nice to judge another full stop for any reason!  And when you judge a person by their appearance, it doesn't define them, it defines you. 

I've wrote it out now I'm going to remove that negativity from my mind because I can feel that sadness in my body, I'm going to instead think about my lovely members I'm off to support this morning and see I'm smiling already, your thoughts really can change how you feel instantly, it's a choice to be happy, even when times are rough, tough or downright hard. 

Here's to a Saturday of smiling and hopefully a bit of sunshine - we can hope can't we BeYOUtiful. 

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Alison Louise Tee said...

My son is training to be a personal trainer. At 19 years old, he's had weight issues all of his life through medical reasons & has been extensively bullied throughout. He chose this career path to help others as he totally understands the struggle at his young age. To read that thread broke my heart. It was so judgemental, so shallow and I couldn't add my comments as I was not going to be drawn into such a vile post. Thank you for this. You've said everything that runs through my mind when into hear and read negativity and judgemental conversations. I ya ink the saying goes 'judge not lest you be prepared to be judged yourself? ' Before anything gets said into written, that thought should be said out loud. Thank you Bev xx