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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I'm shutting my inner greedy bitch up!

18th February 2015
The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

I've been fighting my inner greedy bitch since I was eighteen I reckon, we've battled it out good and over the last few years, I've her have winter and I've taken back control in spring and summer, then we tend to compromise throughout autumn!  I've realised the first day of spring is a month away and I'm not prepared to wait till March 20th to take back control!  So she's being sorted out this week, I'm weaning her off the overeating and giving her a belly fully of healthy good food, she's allowed to go over on her ProPoints a bit but only if it's good grub and I'm getting back to tracking 100% honestly to identify where I'm slipping up, so far so good, day 3 and feeling good. 

Yes my inner greedy bitch needs to do one, I want my waistline back and I'm ready to fight her if need be, but I'll smother her with love instead I think, lots of love in the form of good healthy food, I may even try and exercise her a bit with a walk, when I'm fitting that in I'm not sure but even a 20 minute walk would be better than nothing, yeah that's my mission, 3 x 20 minute walks before Monday!  Somewhere between now and then I will add an hour of walking into my life, and I mean out in the fresh air not walking around a supermarket which really isn't the same.  Yep 60 minutes of fresh air is needed in my life for sure and a bit of sunshine vitamin D.  That's my commitment to taking care of me this week, it's in writing so I'll have to do it!

Yesterdays meals included, smoked haddock, egg, spinach, mushrooms and English muffin for breakfast 10pp, lunch was salmon, micro chips, peas and salad leaves 1pp, and tea was a bowl of beef stew 7pp, my inner greedy added bread and butter which wasn't on my planner!  Hey ho, it's a huge improvement and all healthy.  My indulgence as a packet of WW salt & vinegar bakes at the meeting, I am loving them, if you like salt and vinegar flavouring, they are the business.

Today's meals are already decided, for breakfast I'm having banana on a toasted muffin.  Lunch is Chicken Ras e Hanouf with actifry potatoes 14pp, looking forward to that, then for tea I'll probably have the leftover beef stew, it'll be quick and easy.

I had a lovely gift yesterday;

How nice is that, it'll be put up in my office so I can smile at it daily, just need one of those magic hooks that don't need nails, I'm not to be trusted with a hammer.

Right so I've got my meals planned, the walking is committed too, I really want a weight loss on Monday so I need to stay focused this week.  How you doing BeYOUtiful, have you got a plan?  Here's to a wonderful Wednesday.

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