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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tidy up time...

15th February 2015
Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

It's not a good sign when I start doing WW work before my blog, I always write my blog before anything else as it's my sort my head out hour, so now I've got to try and zone out from work stuff.  Which actually goes to show I do need to have a completely work free day and I think today needs to be that day, as long as I don't count that bit I just did!  Oh and the hour of paperwork from yesterday's meeting I'll do next, but after that...

Yeah today I'm going to do some housework, have a clear out, sort my office and generally get it so that when I walk in the house my heart doesn't sink.  I'm never going to be domestic goddess of the year and my mom does keep the place clean but we are just untidy beyond belief and it needs a sort out for sure.  So yeah that day is today.  I've already started on my bedroom yesterday so that's a start, it's hovered and dusted and the beds been done, now for the rest, I can do it - I'll be brave ;0).

WOW 704lb lost on my scales this week, that's fantastic, and shows members are out there doing it! 

Obviously with it being Valentine's day yesterday the theme was 'love' so I asked on my face book page what people love about WW and here were a few of the replies;

Helen-  The plan is easy to follow with variations to suit everyone and the group support keeps you going when you hit those rough patches. 2 years in and 2 stone lighter. More to go but definitely in for the long run!!

Dave - The WW pro point plan is brill because you can have most things so long as you track your intake of food

Alison - It means I can live a life. I go out, I socialise. I've learnt to make lifestyle changes that mean I don't stand out as the spoil sport on a 'diet'. That, to me, is a swear word now! I just love it x

Trudi - Keeps me aware and motivated. x

Lisa - You can still enjoy food and lose weight x

Mandy - It versatile & adapts to my lifestyle

Alison - I can make a choice on what I want to eat and still lose weight

Elizabeth - It helped me lose 7 1/2 stone!

Tina -  Without it I would be huuuuuuge

Rachel - It's given me my smile back

Helen - I can more or less eat what I like and it's not a diet, it's a way of life

Stella - I meet loads of lovely people

Sue - You can eat great food - You can make your dreams reality

Angie - It's taught me how to make the right choices about food. I feel in control when I eat out and I don't feel deprived of anything!  I am also starting to feel good about myself so thank you Weight Watchers. xx

Helen - it's given me the confidence to wear dresses again!

Dave - There's no pressure put on you do it at your own pace remember it's for life

I bet you could add a few reasons too, I thought about it and for me I love WW because I met all my besties through Weight Watchers and for me that was  even better than the weight loss!  It also gave me a way to learn to eat healthily and realise I can change the way I eat often and still follow the ProPoints plan.

See working before I write my blog just keeps my mind in "WW mode" rather than "Bev mode", won't be doing that again!  I'm off to make me a cuppa, get yesterdays paperwork done and then tackle the housework, it's a rock and roll lifesytle I have and I love it.  Can't wait for the warmer weather so we can sit in the garden and pretend the house isn't a mess ;).

Happy Sunday BeYOUtiful. xx

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