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Thursday, 26 February 2015

write that success story 1 day at a time...

26th February 2015
Learn to let things you cannot control go.

Oh ma'an my alarm clock just scared the life out of me!  I wasn't ready for that, normally I'm well awake before it decided to go off and it was so load, I need to sort it out so it starts playing music or something, that's a heart attack alarm at the moment.

I made it through day one of my new journal, I started it yesterday morning, took my measurements too, I even took a before photo, but not the normal full length on, just one side shot of my belly ;-) that's enough motivation for now.  I measured out the milk I use in one cuppa then throughout the day counted how many drinks I had so I was 100% accurate with my tracking.

I ended my day on 28pp, earned 1pp on my fitbit so I've used one weekly.  I've started my week from yesterday and drawn a line under everything that's gone before.  I've made a mess of the first page from a "neat" point of view and that's how I plan to continue it, it's not about perfection, it's about persistence and progress.

My lunch was absolutely scrumptious, treated myself to scallops in garlic butter from Co-op reduced to £4.50 (ouch I know) but they were lush for 8pp, and I had them over large mushrooms and veg, really tasted.  Breakfast too was good if not too many ProPoints at 10pp, which mean my tea was soup and a warby thin with beef on it for 8pp.  Need to get some shopping in but I need time to sit and think about what to buy, just too busy this week to think, but that's all changing, I'm going to limit the work I do in future.  There's the long term cover I've agreed to and in addition to the meetings and other stuff I already do, that's more than enough.  I need my work/life balance back, I don't want to be too tired for the part of my life when I'm not at work!

I'm thinking crumpets, tomato and egg for breakfast, that way I can go either F&H or ProPoints today when I decide what to have the rest of the day!  There's salmon in the freezer, that's an option, I have rice or potato to have with that, mash is a favourite food of the moment so I may opt for that, then for tea, I could be lazy with homemade egg fried rice, quick and easy to cook.  Mmm, I'm remembering how to do this lower ProPointed healthy eating stuff.  It's one thing always eating healthy, but healthy doesn't necessarily mean weight loss when you eat the portion sizes I've got into the habit of having!

Yeah my journal has re-focused me just the way I hoped, as it says in the front,
"Tracking works, keeping a note of everything you eat and drink is an effective tool for successful weight loss. 

And as Emma commented on my blog yesterday, "I always tracked on paper and I'd never completed a whole journal before (after many attempts) but bought one and decided to really try with it and take it 1 week at a time. I'm now on week 7 and love it! You can't avoid what's written on previous weeks and gives you a nice view of your progress."

How true is that, you can't avoid what's written!  Mmm, this could be the reality reminder I need to keep me focused and remembering why and how I'm doing it, tracking is how I got to goal originally, I didn't have any of the advantages of using the 'app' or 'esource' back then, it was pen and paper, so here's to the written success.

We make our own success BeYOUtiful, let's start writing our success story one page at a time. xx

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