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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Make time for you...

25th February 2015
When you love what you have then you have everything you need.

Busy day yesterday, feel like I need to slow my mind down to get through this week and that's the plan today, focus on one task at a time and get that done before starting the next one, realise that there is only one of me and I can only do one thing at a time and so much in a day and enjoy my day. 

Yesterday I really enjoyed my meetings, we had some real good chats and a few realisations, one of which was that we have to make ourselves a priority and not just take care of everyone else.  That can be difficult sometimes especially for busy and caring moms, daughters and I'm not going to leave out the men here because I don't believe it's just woman that behave that way.  So if you're one of those that puts others first constantly, remind yourself that you matter too and you need to look after yourself because if you don't look after you, you won't have the energy to look after anyone else.

I realised Monday when I drove to Maidenhead, I had thought about my mom and her medication, food etc, but hadn't even considered my own!  This needs to change, we both matter.

I've realised I need to stop and take stock, something isn't working with my weight loss at the moment and so something needs to change.  I'm not making it enough of a priority, which means I'm not making me enough of a priority.  My attention is going on the wrong things so I'm removing some of those distractions, even silly things like I joined an online book club so have been trying to read a book  to contribute to the talk and I don't want to really read that book!  So guess what, I won't I've left that group, problem sorted.  The books still on my phone and I can read it when I do want to, rather than feel under pressure to get through it.

Yep I'm all for slowing down to the speed on my life again, I like the calm, steady life I've created, I don't want to be rushing round like a loony.  Taking on this Saturday meeting till October has added more work so after this week I need to not take on more, I'm working 6 out of 7 days this week and it's too much, I know some people do it all the time, but I don't want to.

Life is short, we only get so many hours to live and as much as I truly enjoy my job, I don't want to spend all of those hours at work.  I want to have the energy to feel like spending an hour in the kitchen cooking my lunch, to want to go for a walk when the sun does show it's face and the day is dry, I want to be able to sit down with my mom and chat about nothing. 

Yeah I've woke up this morning in more ways than one.  Chatting with my members yesterday and listening to them work their stuff out has helped me to work mine out. 

Oh I'm in danger of getting too serious here, and as we haven't talked food yet I'll change the subject!  I tried crocodile burgers yesterday, had them from Iceland, they fell apart whilst cooking so ended up as crocodile mince, they were okay, but I wouldn't buy again, 3pp each if you want to try.  My favourite food yesterday was Heinz curry beans, I hadn't had them for such a long time and they were delicious and I will definitely be eating them again!  I can see them becoming a regular tea time after work meal, beans on toast! 

I may have the leftovers for my breakfast ;-)

Just decided I'm starting a new journal, it's a running joke that I've never completed a whole 12 weeks of one, could this be a first?  It'd take me to the 19th May, a lovely time of year, let's see if I can do it then shall we!  Wish me luck...

Have a BeYOUtiful day, make time for you. xx

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