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Thursday, 12 February 2015

This thing called weight loss......

12th February 2015
When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars.

Yesterday was a good food day, I made time to go and get a bit of shopping, lots of green in my trolley and I had 3 healthy, well balanced meals, it looked like this;

Breakfast - porridge & kiwi fruit  (5pp)
Lunch - Salmon salad (8pp)
Afternoon snack - Weight Watchers new Salt & Vinegar bakes & a banana (2pp)
Tea - Chicken Korma Weight Watchers ready meal  (9pp) bread & spread (6pp)

Did I need the bread, probably not, did I eat it just because it was there, more than likely, however it's a huge improvement on previous days and I can improve even more today.

I also bought some stir fry veggies from Asda, 3 for £3, they're perfect for a quick meal and that'll get me through today and tomorrow.  Got me another WW ready meal, Chicken Jambalaya which I fancy trying too, this weekend once I've done my Saturday meeting will be all about getting myself and my house sorted.  I need some order back in my life and I can feel a ruthless spring clean coming on, slightly early for spring but that's a good thing I'm sure.

There appears to be two very different 'camps' in my meetings at the moment, those that are absolutely flying with their weight loss, another 136lb lost yesterday, which is 231lb this week and that's just fabulous, however there are quite a few of us struggling with the 'desire' to want to do it I think and that's hard.  Don't get me wrong we all 'want' to lose weight but actually 'doing it' seems to be where we're struggling, the 'want' just isn't strong enough at all.  Why?  Well who knows, if I had those answers I'd be a guru.  I know the time of the year and weather definitely plays a part, bad habits can creep back in, life events might be relevant, oh so many reasons and factors. 

When I feel like this, I don't give in totally, I do what I can, when I can and I suggest the same to my members.  What one thing do you know you can do this week that would help, you can even ask yourself that question each morning or at each mealtime, "what can I do right now to help myself with my weight loss journey".  The truth is no one is ever going to be "in the zone" 100% of the time for the rest of their lives and if you can handle and get through those times when it's just not important enough in your own mind to focus on your weight loss and your eating habits then you've sussed it. 

Yeah really, think about it, it's easy to lose weight when you're on it like a car bonnet and in the zone, when you're head is just in the right place and all is going well in your world.  But to be able to maintain or limit the damage when you aren't any of those things is pretty awesome, for you not to go into food free-fall, or sod it mode when you feel deflated by events in your life, or are stressed out, then that's when the true success of all your previous hard work shines through.   

Yeah most of us would find it easier to focus when we've got an event to look forward to like a holiday or a wedding, but how easy is it to stay focused when there's nothing around the corner to look forward to other than another month at work and maybe Sunday lunch out.

Normality is the true test, if you can stay on track and make it through the everyday normalness of life without continually gaining weight week in, week out, you've finally started to make permanent 'forever' changes.  Remember successful weight loss is a lifetime thing, not just a "for my holidays" or "for a wedding" kind of thing.

So can you sit there and be proud of yourself for still being in the game?  I'm proud to say I can and boy is it one tough but rewarding game, yeah the game of life is one that you've got to learn to enjoy playing even when it gets tough, heck chess is tough but some people enjoy the challenge, let's see the tough times as a testing game that we know we can win.

So whether your Thursday is going to be a testing on or a triumphant one, accept the challenge, know you can make it through and that it isn't just about weight loss, it's about constantly adapting to your circumstances and situations and making changes  where necessary.

You're BeYOUtiful and that's all that really matters. xx

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