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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Never be afraid to sound like a broken record!

11th February 2015
Don't you dare for one more second surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are!

Oh ma'an so I'm sat here at 4am with amazing stomach cramps, enough with this being a woman lark now, I'm ready to go through that change and grow my beard!  I know I have night sweats to look forward to as those that have gone before me seem really excited to share that news with me whenever I mention the stomach pains, they ask my age and smile, then say "oh night sweats next! "  Thanks for that!

To top it all, I've just gone to look for a project on my pc, I spent a good 45 minutes on yesterday and it's disappeared!  I don't know where it's gone, I'm sure I saved it but apparently not, I've looked everywhere, hey ho, I'll take that as the universe telling me it wasn't good enough and I needed to go back to the drawing board!

Mmm back to the drawing board, I think I need to do that with the plan too, warning - 'broken record' about to start! I'm just not "doing it", I'm not overeating as such, I'm just not on plan, foods not actually on my mind because my mind is on everything else.  I've been so busy this year so far, I need to sort myself out and get some routine.  Yes that's what it boils down to - routine.

Planning I know is key and I'm just not doing it, then if I do plan a meal when it comes to eating it, I'm not.  I need some vegetables in my life!  Mmm, I might leave for work early this morning and nip to Asda and get me a few bits of fresh, could have a nice big salad for my lunch, that actually sounds delicious.

Yeah I will that's a great idea, if I get enough fresh for today and tomorrow, I can do a healthy online shop Friday and I'll get myself back to normal.  Porridge for breakfast I think, I need to stop with the bread, I lived on it yesterday, that white loaf I got in for our guests is almost gone, I might through the last bit out to the ducks over the canal, mom can throw it over the bridge this morning!

I may resort to getting a couple of ready meals just until I get my head back on track.  I'm thinking if all that's in the house is what I need to eat, I won't be tempted to live on toast and sandwiches!  There's two full packets of Warburton thins on the side in the kitchen that have been there since Saturday, I may go pop them in my freezer if they're still in date!

Yeah I need some healthy back in my life, I'm missing it!  There's salmon in the freezer, that doesn't take long to cook but it's just the idea of it that my brain isn't fancying at all when I look round my office and see all the other stuff I need to do.  I so need to do some housework too, that's gonna have to wait till the weekend but I'm going to make myself actually do it.  Yeah I'll have a romantic weekend with the duster I think instead of flowers and chocolates!  And talking to my members yesterday, there doesn't seem to be a lot of 'love' being celebrated this valentine's day at all.

I'm going to post my food pics on facebook I think, that'll make me think before I eat!  Yep that's the plan, here's to getting back on it, healthy food, leads to a healthy body and I really don't want to come down with the lurgy my bestie has, she's been feeling dreadful, even too poorly to mock!  That's no fun at all...

Right I'm off, lots to do and the sooner I start, the sooner I can get to Asda to buy some healthy food.  Have a great day, healthy and happy BeYOUtiful, we all need reminding sometimes.  

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